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Unbelievable 27.60 Pound Limit Weighed at Team Bass Xtreme Clear Fork Reservoir Tournament!

Apparently 20 pound bags are becoming common-place here in Ohio.  After two straight weekends with 20 pound limits being caught in tournaments held on Burr Oak Lake, it was Clear Fork Reservoir‘s turn to drop some jaws.

The team of Mike and Chris Shoemaker weighed a five fish limit during the Team Bass Xtreme Mid Buckeye Division season opening tournament on Clear Fork Reservoir Sunday that literally broke the scales! When all five fish were placed on the scale, it maxed out at 25 pounds.  So the tournament directors split up the fish and weighed three of them first, which went 16.52 pounds, and then the other two, which weighed 11.08 pounds. Do the math – that’s 27.60 pounds of Ohio grown largemouth!  They also had the tournament big bass, which went 6.48 pounds.  Congratulations on the bag of a lifetime guys.

The Team Bass Xtreme Mid Buckeye Division will be visiting Clear Fork Reservoir again on June 9th.  It’s not too late to join the circuit and get in on the action.  If you are interested, please visit the TBX Mid Buckeye Division homepage.

Shoemaker and Shoemaker - TBX Mid Buckeye Division - Clear Fork - 27.60 pounds


Here are the full results from the tournament.

TBX Northern Division Clear Fork Results

A number of other tournaments took place around the state this weekend (details below). Be sure to check out the Results page frequently for complete Ohio bass tournament coverage.

April 21st – Ohio Bass Nation – Rocky Fork Lake
58 anglers competed in the Ohio Bass Nation season opening tournament on Rocky Fork Lake Sunday. First place went to Kyle Sears of the Cincinnati Bass Club, who weighed five fish for 12.52 pounds. Big bass was caught by Todd Thompson of the Buckeye Nation Bassmasters, a 4.94 pound largemouth. Here are the full results from the event.
OBN Rocky Fork Results from 4-21-13
April 20th – Portage Lakes Bassmasters Portage Open
If it weren’t for the Clear Fork results, the PLBM open tournament on Portage Lakes would have definitely been the lead story today.  50+ anglers braved the snow and wind in Saturday’s open.  The bass clearly didn’t mind the unfavorable conditions!  The team of Ditty and Ditty slugged a MASSIVE 23.18 pound bag to take the top spot.  They also took big bass honors with a 5.93 pound largemouth.  What a bag!!!! Photos will be posted in the Results page as soon as they are available. Here are the money winners.
1st – Ditty – Ditty – 23.18 lbs. + 5.93 Big Bass ($675)
2nd – Long – Stevens – 12.31 ($300)
3rd – Schneider – Cory – 11.75 ($240)
4th – Pettry – Collins – 10.03 ($200)
5th – Hooper – Langenfeld – 9.94 ($150)
6th – Jarvis – 8.96 ($125)
7th – Blackert – Reed – 8.61 ($100)
April 20th – Team Bass Xtreme Central Division – Buckeye Lake
35 boats competed in the TBX season opener on Buckeye Lake Saturday. Anglers faced post-frontal conditions, and starting temperatures of 37 degrees.  Mike Reeves and Marshall Yarnell won the tournament with a five fish limit that weighed 12.66 pounds. 
TBX Buckeye Lake 2013 - Reeves and Yarnell - 1st Place - 12.66lbs
The top finishers from the event.
TBX Buckeye Lake 2013 - Top Finishers
A picture of the tournament leaderboard.
TBX Buckeye Lake 2013 - Leaderboard
Big bass for the tournament was caught by the team of Meadows and Forster, and weighed 4.04 pounds.
TBX Buckeye Lake 2013 - Big Bass - 4.09lbs - Meadows and Forster
April 20th – KSU LaDo Bass Qualifier #1 – LaDue Reservoir
32 teams competed in the windy, snowy and down-right cold KSU LaDo Bass season opening event on LaDue Reservoir. The team of Hyland and Borling weighed four fish that went 7.07 pounds for the win.  Big bass weighed 4.06 pounds, and was caught by Perry and White. Here are the Complete Results.
KSU LaDO Bass Series - 1st Place - Hyland and Borling - 7.07lbsKSU LaDo Bass Series - Big Bass - 4.06lbs - Perry and Locker
Joe Balog’s Goby Replica Contest
For all of you smallmouth fanatics, here is your chance to win a guided bass fishing trip with touring professional Joe Balog on Lake St. Clair!  To enter the drawing, simply visit Balog’s Goby Replica Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joe-Balogs-Goby-Replica/266910359994987 and “Like” it.  Balog has an awesome track record on the Great Lakes and St. Clair, and the winner of this trip will get a chance to spend a day on the water learning his secrets. 

Alabama Rig Captures BWS Victory on Rocky Fork and Burr Oak Pumps Out Another 20 Pound Bag


Alabama Rig Dominates on Rocky Fork

Last year I wrote about Alabama Rigging in Ohio.  In that article, I argued that although the Alabama Rig certainly will be effective in certain situations here in Ohio, traditional tactics will typically win-out in the end. 
Dave Davenport of Milford, Ohio blew that theory away Saturday when he bagged 18.17 pounds on the A-Rig to win the Bassmaster Weekend Series tournament on Rocky Fork Lake.  Although it’s not the first time the A-Rig has led to a victory on Ohio waters, it’s the first win of the season of which I’m aware. 
Always a controversial topic because of it’s ability to catch fish that won’t commit to traditional presentations, the A-Rig truly outfished the field at Rocky Fork, providing Davenport with a 5-pound margin of victory over his closest competitor.  He rigged-up with 4 inch Berkley Hollow Belly swimbaits.  Full results from the tournament can be viewed on the Results page.  
Dave Davenport - BWS 1st Place - Rocky Fork Lake

Another 20 Pound Bag Wins TBX Open on Burr Oak!

For the second weekend in a row, it took over 20 pounds (on five fish) to win a Burr Oak Lake open tournament.  This time, the winning bag weighed 21.31 pounds, and was anchored by two bookends that went 6+ and 7+ pounds. More detailed information coming soon to the Results page, so check back frequently.

River Bite Heating Up

With recent rains and warmer nights, the smallmouth river bite is heating up around the state.  Mike Bowman of Cincinnati caught this 20 inch, 4.3 pound river bronzeback fishing the Whitewater River on April 11th, in the pouring rain. He was dragging around a tube, rigged Carolina style.
Mike Bowman - 20 inces - 4.3lbs - Whitewater River

AEP Bass on Beds

More big bass photos have been added to the AEP Reports page.  I got word from Sol Curtis today that bass are on beds.  Sol worked a fish in the 8 to 9 pound range for a couple of hours today, but couldn’t get her to commit.

22 Pound Burr Oak Limit Highlights Incredible Weekend of Ohio Bass Fishing

After a long winter, and a spring that has been anything but prompt, the bass bite across the Buckeye State finally erupted this weekend!  Temperatures cracked sixty degrees, and as a result, Ohio anglers whacked ‘em.  Here are some highlights:

Ohio Bass Tournaments

A number of Opens and Circuit events took place this weekend, and the results were strong (check out the Results page for a complete tournament summary).  But a club open held Sunday on Burr Oak Lake is turning some heads.  In typical Burr Oak fashion, the big girls came out to play at the Sunday Creek Valley Bass Busters Burr Oak Open.  The team of Woods and Woods bagged an incredible five-fish, 22.88 pound bag to top the field!
Big bass was 7.51 pounds, caught by the team of Rector and Campitelli.  Talk about a SLAUNCH!!!
Miller and Hanning caught this 7.34 toad to take 2nd big bass honors.  Four fish exceeding 6 pounds were brought to the scale.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to fish this incredible big-bass factory yet, there are several Burr Oak opens coming up (see Open Tournaments).

More Big Bass Photos From This Week

Tyler Berger, April 7th, 5lbs 15oz – Private Lake


Jeremy Reese, April 7th, 7.24 lbs – Indian Lake


Mike Reeves, April 6th, Indian Lake


Sol Curtis, April 4th, AEP ReCreation Lands (check out the current AEP Report)


How Important is Scent to a Bass?

Bass anglers have differing opinions about the role that scent plays in triggering strikes.

While some believe that scent (which refers to the smell and taste of your bait as perceived by a bass) is of paramount importance, others give little deference to scent, and regularly handle their baits with the same fingers that they just used to take a pinch from their can of Skoal!  And then there are those in the middle, who occasionally take the time to dip a green pumpkin tube into a bottle of garlic scented Spike-It to give it a little extra flair.

Until recently, I would have fallen into the third category of anglers – I put some importance on scent, but was generally more concerned about my bait’s color, action, vibration, shape, size, and sound.  But after reading the book Knowing Bass The Scientific Approach to Catching More Fish by Keith A. Jones, PhD, I gained a new appreciation for the role scent plays in triggering bites.  While a bass’s sight is arguably its most important sensory function for locating prey, in many scenarios, scent is a close second.

Adding scent to a lure can benefit you in a number of ways.  The molecules the scent leaves in the water allows bass to become aware of the bait’s presence, and help the bass to home in on it.  It can also trigger the natural feeding instincts of a bass.  And finally, a bass will oftentimes hold onto a bait that has been doused in an appealing scent longer than one that hasn’t.

And scent can play an especially important role during different times of the year.  Last year when I spent a day on the lake with 2012 FLW Cup Champion Jacob Wheeler, he expressed that scent is particularly important during the spring, when bass are in pre and post-spawn stages.  According to Wheeler, a bass’s senses are heightened during this time, and scent can play a critical role in getting bedding bass to commit.

Applying scent to baits with soft components, such as soft plastics, jigs and swimbaits can pay big dividends.  The increased number of bites you get from adding a scent is well-worth the 15 seconds it takes to apply it.  Many soft plastics now come scented from the factory, which saves some time.  But for those baits that aren’t pre-scented, I’ve discovered a product that works great – Fish Sticks KVD Lure Enhancer.  It was recommended to me by the guys in the fishing department at Fin, Feather & Fur Outfitters - which carries the product in their stores.

Unlike messy sprays or liquid dips that can stain your boat’s carpet or  make your eyes water, Fish Sticks KVD Lure Enhancer is packaged in an easy-to-use container, comparable to a large tube of chapstick, and allows for clean and quick application.  It comes in two scent options:  crawfish and shad.  For bottom crawling baits like tubes, jigs and worms, I have been using the crawfish.  And for spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and swimbaits, the shad scent is a good choice.

If you aren’t already a believer in scenting your baits, give it a try this season – I think you will be happy with the results.


-Tournament results from last weekend have been posted in the Results page, so be sure to check them out.
-More big bass photos from the AEP ReCreation Lands are up in the AEP Reports page.
-Knox Marine has put two more great bass boats on special! They have been posted in the scroll bar at the top of the page.
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Rocky Fork Lake Early Bird Open Results and More AEP Big Bass

Rocky Fork Lake, located near Hillsboro, Ohio, is known for its big largemouth.  The lake certainly held up to its reputation Saturday during the 2013 Rocky Fork Lake Early Bird Open tournament, with numerous fish exceeding the five pound mark being brought to the scale.

The event, which was run by Eric Meredith and Jefff Emerson of E Custom Baits, and sponsored by Bayview Resort, drew 60 boats.  The team of Rod Hipsher and Jodie Hall weighed three fish (two of which exceeded the six pound mark) for a total of 13.27 pounds for the win.  They also took big bass honors with a 6.46 pound monster.

Here are the top ten finishers:

1st – Rod Hipsher and Jodie Hall – 13.27lbs
2nd – Gunner Davis and Travis Pfeifer – 11.30lbs
3rd – Ryan Hipsher and Prater – 10.26lbs
4th – Dean and Young – 9.86lbs
5th – Bender and Bender – 9.11lbs
6th – Russel and Nash – 9.03lbs
7th – Reynolds and Reynolds – 8.45lbs
8th – Barr and Davenport – 8.12lbs
9th - Hammond and McNeal – 8.04lbs
10th - Perkins and Wagoner – 7.40lbs
Big Bass – Hipsher and Hall – 6.46lbs
2nd Big Bass – Hipsher and Hall – 6+
3rd Big Bass – Bender and Bender - 4.79lbs
There were nine five fish limits, and NO DEAD FISH!
To view upcoming open tournaments on Rocky Fork Lake and other lakes around the state, be sure to check out the 2013 Ohio Open Bass Tournaments page.  All 2013 Ohio tournament results can be viewed at the Ohio Tournament Results page.
More AEP lunkers have been posted for this week in the AEP Reports section.  Teaser:  One angler landed two over six pounds in one trip!
Congratulations to Ohio Elite Series anglers Charlie Hartley and Fletcher Shryock for their top 50 finishes last weekend in the Rigid Industries Falcon Slam.  Way to represent Ohio on the best big bass lake in the country!

New Ohio Bass Fishing Regulations

On March 1st, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife implemented new statewide and specific site bass fishing regulations for the 2013-2014 license year.  The official press release can be viewed at New Ohio Bass Fishing Regulations Now in Effect.
According to the release, these adjustments in regulations were developed by the ODNR Division of Wildlife through an analysis of historical fish surveys, creel surveys and angler-reported tournament results, an evaluation of management options and fisheries objectives as well as extensive angler input through online surveys, creel surveys, open houses and meetings with anglers.
Overall, I find the new regulations to be quite encouraging.  The changes signal to me that the Division of Wildlife is keeping a close watch on our bass populations, and making the necessary adjustments to ensure that Ohio anglers have more opportunities to catch big bass.
I believe that the “Super Slot” is a fantastic regulation because the Division of Wildlife opted to apply it to lakes that historically grow some of Ohio’s heaviest bass – in particular the AEP ReCreation Lands, Tycoon, Wolf Run, and Wingfoot.  The new regulation will not only ensure that these big bass factories continue to produce quality fish, but will increase the chances of seeing trophy fish in the 7, 8 and 9 pound range.
I also think that the “15,2 and 2″ regulation makes sense for the lakes it is being applied to.  Acton Lake and Hargus Creek Lake are examples of lakes where the potential for big bass is there, but in recent years has been hindered by an overabundance of small “dink” bass that compete with bigger bass for resources.  Allowing anglers to harvest some of these undersized fish should create more opportunities for bass growth by “thinning the herd”.
And I’m confident that Ohio tournament anglers will be particularly happy about the size limit being reduced from 15″ to 12″ on Caesar Creek Lake.  Caesar Creek is a popular bass lake, and holds some huge fish, but many tournament organizations have shied away from hosting events there because it was so difficult for competitors to boat a limit of fish that met the 15″ minimum.
One change I would liked to have seen is a decrease in daily bag limit on the Ohio River from 6 to 5 bass.  Although the Ohio produces some very good fish, particularly in the spring and late fall, it can be very difficult to catch bass there due to low per-acre populations.
Do you have an opinion on the new regulations that you would like to share?  If so, leave a comment here on the blog, or on the Ohio Bass Blog Facebook page.
There have been some recent additions to Ohio Bass Blog. 
First is the addition of an AEP Reports link to the menu bar.  There has been so much interest in the big fish being caught at the AEP ReCreation Lands that I figured having a page dedicated entirely to it was a good idea.  New content was added today, so be sure to check it out.
Second is that Knox Marine has joined as an official sponsor of Ohio Bass Blog.  Every couple of weeks, Knox will be featuring a new bass boat that is on special in the scroll bar at the top of the blog.  If you click on the boat image, it will link you diretly to the Knox Marine website. Be sure to let them know you saw the here on Ohio Bass Blog.
Finally, I wanted to make everyone aware of a couple of fellow Buckeyes who recently published a book about walleye trolling called Walleye Trolling – Tackle, Techniques and Systems Used by North America’s Best Walleye Tournament Pros and Guides. 
The authors are Ross Robertson of Toledo, and Curt Niedermier, who grew up in Republic.  Both are OSU grads.  Ross is a full-time walleye guide, promoter, tournament angler, TV host of “Local Catch”, and outdoor writer.  Curt is the current Managing Editor of FLW Bass Magazine.  More info about the book is available at bigwaterfishing.com. It’s being sold at a variety of online stores, including bigwaterfishing.com, hightechfishing.com, jannsnetcraft.com, fishusa.com, and sportsmensdirect.com.  It should also be available in big outdoor box stores soon as well.

Ohio Tournament Season Opener – Hargus Lake Open Results

The first Ohio bass tournament of 2013 took place on Hargus Creek Lake near Circleville, Ohio on Saturday March 16th.  Eight teams showed up to compete in the 2013 Hargus Lake Challenge.  Hargus was one of several lakes to be impacted by the new “15, 2-and-2″ bass fishing regulation, which was implemented by the Division of Wildlife on March 1st.  Under this regulation, anglers may keep two fish under 15 inches and  two fish 15 inches or larger, for four fish per day. The split daily  limit allows limited harvest of bass less than 15 inches to promote growth of bass to larger sizes.

John Garrett came out on top with a four fish limit that weighed 12.37 pounds.

Second place went to the team of Jim Swingle and Craig Brannon, with 9.87 pounds.  They also had big bass for the tournament, a 5.54 pound largemouth.

The team of George Carr and Joe Hanning took third, with 9.79 pounds.

Fourth went to Josh and Joe Brown, with a total weight of 8.76 pounds.

And in fifth was Phil Carver and Howard Miller with 7.58 pounds.

Four fish over five pounds were weighed in!

For complete Ohio bass tournament results throughout the 2013 season, be sure to check out the Results link in the menu bar above.  Results will be updated on a weekly basis.

Also, an AEP Reports link has been added to the menu bar.  I’ll post all AEP photos and reports as they are submitted. Wait until you see the swamp donkeys brought in this week!


Knox Marine’s Spring Open House

Knox Marine will be hosting its annual Spring Open House event on March 16th and 17th at their sales and service facility located on the banks of Knox Lake in Fredericktown, Ohio (Directions).

The Spring is an excellent opportunity to meet the friendly staff of Ohio’s best bass boat dealership and service department, while checking out Knox’s full selection of Ranger, Stratos, and Lowe bass boats. There will be special offers on new boat purchases, as well as discounts on select boating parts, accessories, and fishing tackle and equipment.

And as an added bonus, 2011 FLW Cup Champion Scott Martin, and FLW touring pro Kim Stricker will be teaching fishing seminars throughout the weekend. The seminars are free, and open to the public. For more details regarding seminar times, please contact Knox at (740) 694-7774. The doors open on Saturday at 9 am, so be sure to mark your calendar.

Knox Marine’s Service Department

For any bass boat owner, finding a quality service department is critical. We put our boats through a lot of rough conditions, and things inevitably break. And when your boat is out of commission, there is no higher priority than getting it fixed – and fixed correctly – so that you can get back on the water. That’s where Knox Marine comes in. With over 75 years of combined marine service experience, Knox’s staff of Mercury and Evinrude/Johnson factory trained technicians will quickly diagnose your issues and fix them in a timely and professional manner. And they stand behind their work.

To me, the service department at Knox Marine is the best in Ohio. It’s so good that I drive over an hour to get there. Although there are many reasons why I consider it the best, two examples in particular come to mind.

First is the manner in which they conduct their service appointments. If you schedule a specific time for your boat to be serviced, Knox will actually work on your boat during that time. If you want to, the technicians will allow you to observe them as they perform the work, explaining to you what they’re doing and answering any questions you may have about your boat. How cool is that?

Second is the problem solving advice that they are willing to provide over the phone. If you are a Knox Marine customer, and something breaks or stops working on your boat while you’re on the water, you can call the service department and Mark, Jeff, Steve or Mike will do everything they can to help you diagnosis and fix the problem over the phone. They have bailed me out of a number of situations on the water, including one incident in which I was broken down on the Ohio River, 30 miles from the launch ramp! That type of service is rare, and is just another example of Knox Marine’s commitment to going the extra mile for their customers.

New and Used Boat and Motor Sales

Knox offers a full lineup of new Ranger Bass Boats, Ranger Aluminum Boats, and Lowe Boats - all powered by Johnson, Evinrude and Mercury outboard motors.  If you are interested in purchasing a new boat, or if you simply want to learn more about a particular model, don’t hesitate to give Steve Dalton a call.  Steve has many years of experience selling boats, and as a tournament angler, he understands what is important to bass anglers when it comes to choosing the right boat.  They also carry a wide selection of used boats, and new and used motors!

Parts and Accessories

Knox carries Evinrude/Johnson genuine parts and accessories, and Mercury precision parts and accessories. They keep their parts department well stocked, and if they don’t have a part you need, they get it for you quickly.

Boat Storage

Knox also offers indoor boat storage for their customers. The cost is extremely affordable, and the process is easy. Simply schedule a winterization appointment when you’re ready to put your boat away for the season, and drop it off with Mark or Jeff at the service department. They will winterize your boat and then transport it to the storage facility for you. When you’re ready to pick it up in the spring, they’ll have it ready to go. As of the date of this article, the rate is $200, and allows you to store your boat from October 1st through April 30th.

Knox Marine Supports Ohio Based Tournament Organizations and Businesses

Knox Marine provides support to the Ohio bass fishing community by sponsoring Ohio based tournament circuits, including the Ohio Mega Bass Tournament Trail, NBAA OCDC, the Lake Erie Largemouth Series and Ohio TBF. And they support local businesses by stocking products in their tackle shop from Ohio based Venom Lures, Warrior Baits, A.C.T. Lures, and Hookerz Tackle. To me, this is another reason why I trust Knox Marine with my favorite personal asset – my boat!

So if you don’t already have a trusted marina, or you are looking for a change, don’t hesitate to give Knox Marine a call – you’ll be happy you did.


Early Spring Bass Fishing – The Mental Side

Dealing with harsh weather conditions during the early spring can be a difficult challenge for bass anglers. Wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures can take a toll on your body and equipment. But it’s the toll that the conditions take on your mental state that can truly ruin your day. It’s easy to look at snow-covered shoreline and the ice clogging up the guides of your rod and doubt whether you can catch bass under such adverse conditions. But the truth is that you can catch them if you remain focused on the task at hand.

This past weekend was a great example of how keeping a positive attitude can lead to success on the water. I fished a “frost bite” open on Percy Priest Reservoir near Nashville, TN with BFL and Everstart angler Adam Vance. We were greeted at the ramp by snow-covered walkways and flurries as we launched in 30 degree weather. After making a long run to our starting area we were frozen, but confident that we could catch them. We fished thoroughly and methodically, picking apart every target we encountered. At times we were so cold we had to stop to warm our hands and toes. But we never lost our focus, and continued to believe we could get bit, despite the miserable conditions. By remaining mentally strong, we were able to put together a solid 11.37 pound bag. Although it wasn’t enough to win (we finished 6th), bringing one of only four limits to the scale was a victory in and of itself on a day when some teams trailered their boats and left early.

Here in Ohio, the ice is receding, and bites from big largemouth are there for the taking for those anglers who are able to remain mentally tough. Mark Sherby and Aaron Sikora got on these big fish at AEP on February 23rd.

I’ve also received AEP reports from Sol Curtis and Corneilus Harris. Last weekend the bite was strong, despite the tough conditions, and they caught a couple of nice ones.

So don’t let the cold weather stop you from hitting the water this week. If you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded.








Fin, Feather & Fur Outfitter’s Spring Bass Weekend!

On March 2nd and 3rd, Fin, Feather & Fur Outfitters will be hosting their annual Spring Bass Weekend at their flagship store in Ashland, OhioWith a full schedule of bass fishing seminars being taught by Bassmaster Elite Series anglers, and a huge selection of bass fishing gear marked at discounted prices, attending the show this weekend is a great way to kick off the 2013 Ohio bass fishing season! For more information on the many products that will be on sale, check out the official Fin Feather Fur Gone Fishin’ Spring Sale Flyer.

Beginning Saturday morning, these free seminars will offer a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the best anglers in our area. The two-day schedule of professionals and their covered topics includes:

Saturday March 2nd
Matt Herren 10:30-11:30 a.m. - Plastics and Cranks for Bass
Troy Morrow 1:00-2:00 p.m. - Deep Cranking and Drop Shotting
Bill Lowen 3:00-4:00 p.m. - Shallow Water Largemouth
Sunday March 3rd
Charlie Hartley 11:00-Noon - Lake Erie Smallmouth
Don Watts 12:30-1:30 p.m. – Mixing-it-up Cranking, Jerkbaits, and Plastics
Matt Herren 2:00-3:00 p.m. - Plastic and Cranks

About Fin, Feather & Fur Outfitters

“The Fin” (as many within the Ohio bass fishing community affectionately refer to it as) carries an enormous selection of bass fishing products and gear that rivals any of the national outdoor retailers. The fishing department, which is located in the left-wing of the 72,00 square foot Ashland store, is stocked with the most popular brands and models of rods, reels, electronics, terminal tackle, soft plastics, crankbaits, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs and anything else you could possibly need for the upcoming bass’n season. 

The Staff

Although The Fin’s product selection is impressive, it’s the quality of their employees that differentiates them from the competition. Managed by successful Ohio tournament angler Steve Hatfield, the Fin’s fishing department is staffed by a group of friendly bass fishing experts who strive to deliver the highest level of customer service. The staff at The Fin knows their stuff. All of them spend considerable time on the water chasing bass around Ohio’s waters, and several of them are avid tournament anglers, which means they understand what is important to bass fishermen. They are also well-trained when it comes to the technical side of the products they sell – just ask Tyler Young in the Ashland store to explain the differences between the newest Lowrance and Humminbird units, and you’ll see what I’m talking about!


Fin, Feather & Fur Supports Ohio Bass Anglers and Local Businesses

Besides the large product selection and great service, another reason to support Fin, Feather & Fur is because they support us – the Ohio bass fishing community.  The Fin sponsors many Ohio based bass tournament circuits, including the Ohio Mega Bass Tournament Trail, DoBass, Great Lakes Largemouth Series, NBAA OCDC, Bad Bass Champs, The Kent State University Bass Fishing Club, and a number of annual open tournaments.  Their contributions allow these circuits to provide competitors with a superior tournament experience and increased payouts.  The Fin also supports Ohio based bass fishing companies, carrying a number of local brands like Warrior Baits, Ohio Pro Lure, and Hookerz Tackle.

So whether you’re looking for a new Humminbird unit for side imaging the offshore humps on Clear Fork Reservoir, a heavy flipping stick for punching the pads at Indian, or just some friendly advice from a bass fishing expert, stop by Fin, Feather & Fur Outfitters this weekend and say hello – you’ll be glad you did!

The Ashland store is located at I-71 and US-250, and can be contacted at (419) 281-2557.

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