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AEP Reports

Week of March 22nd, 2015

Sol Curtis got back out on 3-29-15 and caught 3 fish over 3 pounds – things are picking up! Here is his biggest of the day, a 4 pounder.

Sol Curtis - AEP - 3-29-15

Sol Curtis connected with this toad on 3-28-15. He’s hunting for another 10 pounder this season!

Sol Curtis - AEP - 3-28-15

Corn Harris scored big with this AEP giant that he took on March 25th. Check out how  pale she is. You can tell she’s been living deep all winter. If you’re looking for a guided trip, Corn will be happy to take you. Learn more at https://www.hockinghillsadventuretrek.com/ohio-belly-boat-fishing.html

Corn Harris - AEP - 3-26-15

Phillip Childress whacked this AEP brute on March 25th while deep cranking

Phillip Childress - AEP - 3-25-15

Week of March 15h, 2015

It’s on! Greg Norris Sr. popped this double at AEP on March 21st

Greg Norris Sr. - AEP - 3-21-15

Sol Curtis is on the board at the AEP lands with the post-ice-out largemouth he caught on March 20th

Sol Curtis - AEP - 3-20-15

Jim Pyles struck first at AEP lands in 2015 with this 4lb 10oz pig he took with half the pond still covered in ice!

Jim Pyles - AEP - 3-16-15

Week of November 3rd

Aaron Duemmel whacked this giant AEP bass on November 6th! Way to go man

Aaron Duemmel AEP November

Week of October 20th

Uh oh.  Looks like the cold night air has the big girls feeding heavily. Here’s Sol Curtis, Greg Norris Sr., and Corn Harris with some fall beauties from the past week

Sol Curtis Late October

Greg Norris Sr. Late OctoberCorn Harris Late October

Week of October 13th

Here is the most recent AEP report from Corn Harris, who guides for Hocking Hills Adventure Trek: The air is crisp, the trees are showing off their Fall colors, and the bass are biting! Reaction baits were the ticket last weekend at AEP with the windy conditions. We had a couple of days last week where they were knocking the paint off of suspending jerks using a series of slow retrieves and soft jerks. Numbers of bass in the 2 pound range have been landed with this technique, with the largest weighing a little over 4 pounds.

Corn Harris AEP October Report

Week of October 6th

If you’re considering a Fall trip to the AEP Lands, the time is now! Here is the most recent AEP report from Corn Harris, who guides for Hocking Hills Adventure Trek: I took this giant on October 3rd at AEP Lands. It weighed 5.4 pounds. They’re starting to turn on on the tube baits . I got a couple of other decent bass in the three pound range and 4 keepers. All fish were caught in about anywhere from 2 to 10 foot of water 5 to 10 yards off the banks using a series of slow retrieves.

Corn Harris October 3rd

Week of September 22nd

Reports are that AEP is pumping out a lot of nice fish, as the chilly nights begin to cool water temperatures and force the fish into feeding mode. Here is Corn Harris with a nice double.

Corn Harris Early October

Week of September 15th

Sol Curtis and Aaron Duemmel have found that the bite has really picked up in recent weeks. These fish were caught the week of September 15th

Aaron Duemmel 2 AEPSol Curtis AEPAaron Duemmel AEP

Here is the Hocking Hills Adventure Trek AEP Fishing Report from Corn Harris:  Catching lots of fish in the pound to two pound range with an occasional three to four pounder. Bites are coming mostly on a pearl white Zoom Super Fluke while fanning the banks and aggressively using a series of different retrieves – they have just been smashing it! What a blast for this time of year – September can be tough. I’m still having most success in the morning and evenings.  Also getting numbers of fish on down sized plastics such as 4 inch tubes and 6 inch worms.

Corn Harris AEP

Week of September 1st

Aaron Sikora spent the day at AEP on September 1st, and they caught the heck out of ‘em.  Here is a photo he submitted.

Aaron Sikora

Week of August 18th

Corn Harris took Ed Hampton to the AEP lands for a day of bass’n, and the fishing didn’t disappoint.  Here is a short report from Corn: AEP lakes have been on fire in the mornings but I haven’t connected with any giants in recent days. We are still catching decent numbers in the 2 to 4 pound range. Most lakes at this point have what I call the “dog days” look – low water levels, stained clarity, thick silk moss pads, and willow bushes lining the banks with preexisting water level marks on them. Fish are usually smashing the banks early in the mornings, chasing bait fish. Later in the day, they are suspending, which can make them really tough to catch.

Ed Hampton - AEP

Week of August 4th

Corn Harris gets back in on the action on August 7th with this pair of solid AEP lunkers

Corn Harris

Corn Harris - August 7th - AEP

Corn Harris - August 7th - AEPWeek of July 28th

Aaron Duemmel went topwater frog’n, and bagged this solid AEP largemouth on 8-3-14.

Aaron Duemmel - 8-3 - AEP

Week of July 21st

Who says you can’t catch a giant during the dog days of summer?  Check out this 7lb 7oz stud that Mark Sherby caught from AEP on July 22nd!

Mark Sherby - AEP - 7-7


Week of July 7th

Mark Sherby tagged this AEP toad on July 12th!

Mark Sherby AEP

The bite is ON at the AEP lands. Sol Curtis, Corn Harris, Shawn Ferguson and Aaron Duemmel smoked ‘em this week.  Here are a few of the better fish they caught.  Tip – night fishing has been hot!

Corn Harris - AEP - July

Sol Curtis - AEP - July

Shawn Ferguson - AEP - July

Aaron Duemmel - AEP - July

Week of June 30th

Rodney Miller with an AEP toad he took the week of June 30th!

Rodney Miller AEP

Week of June 23rd

Greg Norris Jr. made a trip out to AEP on June 26th and landed this 4.7 pounder.

Greg Norris Jr. AEP

Week of June 16th

Sol Curtis tagged two good fish this week.  First is this big headed five pounder that he caught on the 21st

Sol Curtis - AEP - June 21st

The second was a 5.7 pounder that he caught on June 22nd while working a fluke over a weed bed

Sol Curtis - AEP - June 22nd

Week of June 9, 2014

Corneilus Harris scored this AEP bruiser on June 12th fishing weed beds with a Venom Dream Craw.

Corn Harris - AEP - 6-12

Sol Curtis took this spawned-out, but very healthy female at AEP while fishing a fluke over the top of a weed bed on June 9th.

Sol Curtis AEP June 9th

Week of May 26, 2014

Although much of the AEP bass population has wrapped up the spawn, there are still some heavy fish being caught.  Here is Aaron Duemmel with an AEP biggun he caught on May 29th.

Aaron Dummel

Week of May 19, 2014

Sol Curtis keeps it roll’n with another AEP post spawner that he took a “selfie” of on May 22nd.  This one fell for a Rage Toad!

Sol Curtis - AEP - 5-22-14

Kacy Ray with a solid AEP post spawner on May 21st

Kacy Ray - AEP - 5-21-14

Sol Curtis with his daughter, who caught this 4.1 pounder on May 20th.  It’s almost as big as her!!!

Sol Curtis - AEP - 5-20-14

Week of May 12, 2014

Sol Curtis with a solid fish that was the largest of his 30+ fish day at AEP on 5-18

Sol Curtis - AEP - 5-18

Aaron Sikora with a beautiful 3-12 he caught at AEP on 5-17.

Aaron Sikora - AEP - 3-12


Week of April 21st, 2014

Shawn Ferguson with a nice AEP fish he caught on 4-23

Shawn Ferguson - AEP - 4-23

Week of April 14th, 2014

Greg Norris Jr. with a pair of AEP toads that he took on 4-17 and 4-18 with a Berkley Chigger Craw

Greg Norris Jr. - AEP - 4-18-14

Greg Norris Jr. - AEP - 4-17-14

Sol Curtis with another AEP slaunch he caught on 4-16-14!

Sol Curtis - AEP - 4-16-14

Sol Curtis proving that the nastiest of conditions bring out the bigguns.  These cold weather pigs fell for the jig on 4-15-14.

Sol Curtis - AEP - 4-15-14

Sol Curtis - AEP - 4-15-14 2

Eric Bowman caught this pair of AEP beauties from the float tube on April 14th!

Eric Bowman - AEP - 4-14-14

Week of April 7th, 2014

Sol Curtis, rolling solo, at AEP on April 10th.  He took this 5.5 pounder while swinging for the fence with a swimbait!

Sol Curtis - AEP - 4-10-14

Shawn Ferguson with his first five pounder, which he caught at AEP on April 8th.  5.6lbs!

Shawn Ferguson - AEP - 4-8-14

Greg Norris Jr. took this 5.12 at AEP on April 8th

Greg Norris Jr. - AEP - 4-8-14

Week of March 31st, 2014

Corneilus Harris with another stud on 4-6-14

Corneilus Harris - AEP - 4-6-14

Greg Gohring caught his new personal best at 7lbs on 4-6-14 at AEP

Greg Gohring - AEP - 4-6-14

Greg Norris Sr. joins the 2014 AEP 7 pound club with this AEP toad he caught on 4-5-14

Greg Norris Sr. - AEP - 4-5-14

Scott Bates took this solid 4.7 on 4-5-14

Scott Bates - AEP - 4-5-14

Greg Gohring with a 6.9 AEP monster on 4-5-14

Greg Gohring - AEP - 4-5-14

Corneilus Harris with another AEP donkey, which went 5.4 pounds, on 4-2-14.

Corneilus Harris - AEP - 4-2-14

Corneilus Harris with the biggest AEP bruiser reported so far this season at 8.1 pounds! Fish was caught on 3-31.  Great job Corn.

Corneilus Harris - AEP - 3-31-14

Week of March 24th, 2014

Jim Pyles with a 7.2 pounder he caught on 3-30-14.  The fish was enough to win the 2014 AEP Championship he fished with his friends.

Jim Pyles - AEP - 3-30-14

Greg Norris Jr. with a new personal best from AEP – 7.15 lbs

Greg Norris Jr. - AEP - 3-30-14

Nathaniel Harris throws his name into the AEP hat with this stud he caught on 3-29-14!

Nathaniel Harris - AEP - 3-29-14

Mike Crenshaw and his AEP toad from 3-29-14

Mike Crenshaw - AEP - 3-29-14

Greg Gohring with a 6 pound AEP beauty on 3-29-14

Greg Gohring - AEP - 3-29-14

Danny Gatrell with a solid AEP greenfish on 3-28-14

Danny Gatrell - AEP - 3-28-14

Sol Curtis keeps it rolling with this 7.12 AEP sowbelly that he caught on 3-28.  How about the mouth on that thing?

Sol Curtis - AEP - 3-28-14

Sol Curtis - AEP - 3-28-14 2

Sol Curtis with a 5.7 pounder that feel for a T-Rigged Pit Boss on 3-24

Sol Curtis - AEP - 3-24-13

Week of March 17th, 2014

Sol Curtis with a 6.7 pound AEP lunker on March 23rd

Sol Curtis - AEP - 3-23-14

Week of March 10th, 2014

Mark Sherby with a couple of AEP brutes on March 15th

Mark Sherby - AEP - 3-15-14 1

Mark Sherby - AEP - 3-15-14 2

Sol Curtis on March 16th

Sol Curtis - AEP - 3-16-14

Sol Curtis took his first AEP monster of the season on March 14th with this beautiful 6lb 14oz largemouth.

Sol Curtis - AEP - 6lbs 14oz

Week of March 3rd, 2014

Sherby and Purvis strike first in 2014!  AEP regular Mark Sherby and his nephew Carter Purvis drove around the AEP ReCreation Land on March 8th for a couple of hours in search of soft water to fish.  After looking at 12-15 solidly frozen ponds, they finally found one with no ice at all.  Although Sherby didn’t catch a fish, 11 year old Purvis caught a couple of real nice ones. Way to go Carter!

Carter Purvis - AEP - March 8th 1

Carter Purvis - AEP - March 8th2

The AEP Experiment by Sol Curtis

The 2013 AEP Experiment

Week of January 5th

Eric Bowman didn’t let the ice stop him from getting into a mess of bluegills and one awesome AEP winter kicker bass through the ice on January 9th

Eric Bowman - AEP - 1-9-13


Week of December 23rd

Sol Curtis with a 4.1 pounder he caught on December 27th

Sol Curtis - AEP - 12-27-13

Week of December 16th

Corn Harris does it again!  Taken from AEP on 12-22-13.  Dude is DIE HARD

Corneilus Harris - AEP - 12-22-13

Greg Norris Jr. also got into the action on the 22nd with this AEP dandy.

Greg Norris Jr. - AEP - 12-22-13

Week of November 18th

Corneilus Harris with a late November AEP toad that went 5.6 pounds on November 21st

Corneilus Harris - AEP - 11-21-13

Week of November 11th

November 11th Sol Curtis AEP

Sol Curtis - AEP - 11-11-13

Week of October 28th

Sol Curtis with two great days of AEP fishing on 11-1 and 11-2

Sol Curtis - AEP - 11-2-13

SOl Curtis - AEP - 11-1-13

Week of October 21st

Greg Norris Sr. with a couple of AEP studs caught on 10-26-13

Senior - AEP - 10-26-13

Sol Curtis with a pair of AEP toads, part of a 30 fish day on 10-26-13

Sol Curtis - AEP - 10-26-13

Week of October 14th

Sol Curtis with a nice AEP fish he caught on October 15th!

Sol Curtis - AEP - 10-15-13

Week of September 23rd

Aaron Duemmel on September 28th

Aaron Duemmel - 9-28-13 - AEP

Greg Norris Jr.  caught this dandy largemouth on September 26th at AEP

Greg Norris Jr. - 9-26-13 - AEP

Aaron Duemmel hit the jackpot on September 23rd with this massive AEP largemouth

Aaron Duemmel - 9-23-13 AEP

Week of September 16th

Sol Curtis with an AEP largemouth on September 22nd

Sol Curtis - AEP - September 22nd

Week of September 9th

Corn Harris with a 6.7 pound AEP BRUTE he caught on September 12th

Corneilus Harrsi - 9-12-13 - AEP

Week of September 2nd

Aaron Duemmel with a solid late Summer AEP pig on September 5th

Aaron Duemmel - AEP - 9-5-13

Week of August 26th

Sol Curtis on August 29th

Sol Curtis - AEP - 8-29-13

Week of August 19th

BOOOOM!  Sol Curtis with a 7.1 AEP DONKEY he caught on 8-25-13.  Way to go man!

Sol Curtis - AEP - 8-25-13 7.1lbs

Sol Curtis keeps it rolling with this dandy AEP largemouth he caught on August 22nd

Sol Curtis - AEP - 8-22-13

Week of August 12th

Sol Curtis with two nice AEP largemouth which he caught on August 13th and 15th

Sol Curtis - AEP - 8-15-13

Sol Curtis - AEP - 8-13-13

Week of August 5th

Mark Sherby with a 5lb 12oz AEP toad he boated on August 11th

Mark Sherby - AEP - 8-11-13 5lbs 12oz

Week of July 29th

Sol Curtis with another AEP pig he caught on August 4th

Sol Curtis - AEP - 8-4-13


Week of July 22nd

Sol Curtis keeps his streak going with a solid AEP largemouth that fell for a fluke on 7-28-13

Sol Curtis - AEP - 7-28-13

Aaron Duemmel with a biggun he caught on 7-25-13

Aaron Duemmel - AEP - 7-25-13

Sol Curtis posing with an AEP donkey from 7-25-13

Sol Curtis - AEP - 7-25-13


Week of July 15th

Aaron Duemmel with an AEP NIGHT TOAD he caught on 7-20-13

Aaron Duemmel - AEP - 7-20-13

The night bite is on!  Sol Curtis with an AEP nighttime toad from 7-17-13

Sol Curtis - AEP - 7-17-13

Week of July 8th

Aaron Duemmel with a solid AEP bass he caught on 7-15-13

Aaron Duemmel - AEP - 7-14-13

Week of July 1st

Corn Harris with a 5-1 toad from 7-4-13

Corn Harris - AEP - 7-4-13

Sol Harris with a nice 4th of July AEP bass

Sol Curtis - AEP - July 4th

Aaron Duemmel with a NICE AEP toad he got on July 4th

Aaron Duemmel - AEP - July 4th

Week of June 24th

Sol Curtis with a 4.1, 4.12 and a 4.5 that he caught at AEP on June 29th

Sol Curtis-AEP-6-29-13Sol Curtis- AEP - 6-29-13Sol Curtis - AEP - 6-29-13

Week of June 10th

Baby Shawn and his biggest bass to date, which he caught at AEP on June 16th

Baby Shawn - AEP - June 16th

Scott Bates with his personal best bass, taken from AEP on June 16th

Scott Bates - AEP - June 16th

Sol Curtis with a fat AEP lunker he caught on June 15th

Sol Curtis - AEP - June 15

Week of June 3rd

Marty Kelly with a solid float tube AEP fish he caught on June 6th

Marty Kelly - AEP - 6-6-13

Heath Curry with an AEP TOAD he caught on 6-5-13

Heath Curry - AEP - 6-5-13

Week of May 27th

Corneilus Harris hung this AEP TOAD on May 29th

Corneilus Harris - AEP - 5-29-13

Week of May 20th

Sol Curtis with a pair of AEP pigs, caught on May 23rd and May 24th

Sol Curtis - AEP - 5-23-13Sol Curtis - AEP - 5-24-13


Week of May 13th

Aaron Sikora with a solid 4.89 pound fish he caught at AEP on May 18th

Aaron Sikora - AEP - 4.89lbs - 5-18-13

Sol Curtis with a pair of AEP topwater largemouth he caught on May 16th and 17th

Sol Curtis - AEP - 5-16-13Sol Curtis - AEP - 5-17-13

Week of May 6th

Sol Curtis with an AEP bruiser that he caught swimming a fluke on 5-10-13

Sol Curtis - AEP - 5-10-13

Week of April 29th

Rodney Miller caught this beautiful AEP toad on 5-5-13. The fish weighed 6.4 pounds.

Rodney Miller - AEP - 5-5-13 - 6.4lbs

Scott Dillion with a 5.11 pound AEP largemouth he landed on 5-5-13

Scott Dillion - AEP - 5.11lbs - 5-5-13

Sol Curtis with a 6 pound postspawn AEP giant, which he caught on 5-5-13

Solomon Curtis - AEP - 5-5-13

Sol Curtis and Greg Norris Jr. crushed them on May 1st.  No giants, but a TON of quality! Way to go fellas

Greg Norris Jr. - AEP - 5-1-13Solomon Curtis - AEP - 5-1-13


Week of April 22nd

Corneilus Harris caught this pair of MULES on April 28 th at AEP. What a day!

Corneilus Harris - AEP - 4-28-13

Friday the 26th was a big day for the AEP crew.  Sol Curtis got this pair of toads.

Sol Curtis - AEP Double Fister - 4-26-13

And Greg Norris Jr. took this giant female that looks like it was ready to burst! The fish was over 7 pounds.

Greg Norris Jr. - AEP - 4-26-13

And another view…

Greg Norris Jr. - AEP - 4-26-13 part 2

Week of April 15th

Ricky Staley with an awesome 6lber taken from AEP on 4-20-13
Ricky Staley - AEP - 4-20-13 - 6lbs


“Fast Pete” with a nice largemouth he caught at AEP on 4-16-13

AEP - 4-16-13

Week of April 8th

Kelly Ray with a FAT 3 pounder, taken on 4-14-13
Kelly Ray - AEP - 4-13-13
Aaron Duemmel with a solid AEP bass, which he caught on 4-13-13
Aaron Duemmel - AEP - 4-13-13
Greg Norris Sr. took this fatty  on 4-13-13 from AEP.
Greg Norris Jr. - AEP - 4-13-13
Blake Goines with his personal-best largemouth, a 5.9 pounder, taken from AEP on April 9th.
Blake Goines - 5.9lbs - AEP - 4-9-13

Week of April 1st

Greg Norris Sr. took this solid 4lber on April 7th, fishing a very remote AEP pond, which was protected by thick sticker bushes and steep cliffs – these guys are determined!
Sol Curtis and Greg Norris Jr. had a heck of a day on April 4th at AEP.  They had 11 fish total, with 5 fish over 3lbs, and 3 over 4lbs.  All fish were taken on jigs.  They focused on one small pond. Check ‘em out!
Nick Wood with his personal-best largemouth from AEP Conesville, caught on April 3rd.  The fish weighed 5.5 pounds.
Corneilus Harris kept his big bass streak going on Tuesday April 2nd at AEP with this monster.
Greg Norris Junior with a nice AEP largemouth he caught on 4-1-13.
Aaron Duemmel took this nice 3.5 pounder on a BPS Texas rigged tube.

 Week of March 25th

Corneilus Harris popped this 6.11 pound SLOTH on March 29th, on his trusty Venom Lures tube.
This 5.5 pounder was taken on March 28th by Sol Curtis on a jig and pig combo from the AEP lands.
Aaron Duemmel caught this giant March 27th at AEP on a Texas rigged BPS tube, in purple.
Corneilus Harris continued his hot streak on March 25th with a 6.8, 6.5 and 5.4 all in one day.  Fish were taken on a Venom Lures tube, rigged Texas style.

And Greg Norris Sr. landed this solid 5.3.  Check out the head on that thing!


Week of March 18th

If your goal is to land a bass over six pounds from public water this spring, your best best is AEP.  Here are some more AEP studs that were caught this week:

Corneilus Harris, double fisting with a 5.3 and a 4 and change.  Both fish taken on Venom soft plastics, Texas rigged.

And Greg Norris Jr. took this colorful 5 pounder on Monday the 18th from a remote pond on a Texas rigged Chigger Craw.


Week of March 11th

Water temperatures are still barely above the freezing point, but the big bass bite at the AEP ReCreation Lands is HOT.  Here are some fish that were taken this week:

Corneilus Harris with a 7.18 pound mule, taken on a Venom Lures Better Beaver.  Caught on March 17th.

Greg Norris Jr. with a 5-10, which he caught dragging a flat with a Texas rigged baby brush hog on March 17th.

Corneilus Harris with a 6.8 pound slaunch, taken on a Texas rigged tube.  Caught on March 12th

Greg Norris Jr. with a fat AEP bass, also taken on a Texas rigged tube.  Caught on March 12th.

Greg lost an absolute GIANT that day.  According to Sol Curtis, Greg hooked the fish off of the end of a beaver hut. It immediately began pulling drag, and everyone present knew it was a special fish.  The beast rolled near the surface and presented a clear view of the its broadside – it was 9 or 10 pounds according to Sol.  Greg worked the fish to within 5 feet of the shoreline, when suddenly it came unbuttoned.  As the fish wallowed near the surface, attempting to gain its bearings, Greg instinctively jumped in the frigid water after the fish, only to have it slip from his fingertips.  The depth of the water was above Greg’s waste, so needless to say, he had a cold walk back to the truck!  But definite props for the determination to land a potential Ohio public-water ten pounder.

Week of February 18th
Here in Ohio, the ice is receding, and bites from big largemouth are there for the taking for those anglers who are able to remain mentally tough. Mark Sherby and Aaron Sikora got on these big fish at AEP on February 23rd.
I’ve also received AEP reports from Sol Curtis, Greg Norris Jr., and Corneilus Harris. Last weekend the bite was strong, despite the tough conditions, and they caught a couple of nice ones.So don’t let the cold weather stop you from hitting the water this week. If you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded.

149 Responses

  1. Greg

    What color and size tube was it? Nice bass by the way

  2. Mark Sherby

    Corn and Greg,
    Nice work. Awesome fish!!! Sad story about Greg’s that got away.

  3. Aaron Sikora

    Awesome fish guys!

  4. sol

    Corn and Greg, when your hot your hot. You two got a streak going like the Miami heat. Keep it up. We will be out tomorrow so hopefully we get another giant. I also want to send a shout out to kacy ray, a 15 yr old that’s passionate about bass fishing. I took him out last week and he caught a 6.4 hawg on jig. That was his personal best.

  5. Smallie KING

    Dang y’all ain’t playing down there!!!

  6. bob price

    jig and craw was working real well when the water was real cold.Since it warmed up some a big crankbait has worked and then a buzzbait .

  7. the real deal

    Topwater is working already down there? Im making my first trip down tomorrow, looking forward to this place.

    • Kevin Woodward

      Good luck man! I will be there also… I just to break the 5lb mark and I’m happy. I’m not picky.lol

  8. Joe Sherman

    Nice catches everyone!! Me and couple buddies went to the conesville AEP ponds yesterday. After about 8-10 different ponds and about 10 miles of hiking the best bass was 12″. What are/ section is producing these types of fish?? I’m not asking for any ones honey hole just want to get somewhere close to decent fish.

    • Kevin Woodward

      I thought I was the only one. I saw lots of bigger fish breaking on top but none were hitting my baits… I was in the Cumberland area and getting the same…

  9. Joe Sherman

    where’s the cumberland ponds?

  10. sol

    I was down cumberland sunday and had the same problem. Caught one 3lb fish, but saw 4 over 5lbs and 1 bass that was insane. Couldn’t get any to hit. They are moving closer and cruising. Remember guys that it takes time and energy chasing the fish of a lifetime. I will be out there friday with the boat so hopefully i get a giant.

  11. Marshall

    Keep up the good work guys. Awesome fish!

  12. Mark Sherby

    Nice fish guys! I was down there Sat. and we only caught 8 small ones between 2 of us.

  13. Mark Sherby

    Dang Solomon, nice fish. We were down there last Saturday and couldn’t catch anything over 14 inches. The water was very cloudy from all the rain we had. We threw everything we had for 8 hours in 2 different ponds, one of them was a new try-out pond the other one has produced several 5+ pounders. Would you be willing to give me some advice on what you are using now?

    • Sol

      Of course I would Mark. The hottest bait has been the zoom super fluke in watermelon red flake fished weightless. And believe it or not I’ve been bringing it across the top of water like an injured baitfish or small bluegill. They have been killing that. Second bait has been the zoom trick worm in black, and in the junebug color fished with 1/8oz bullet weight. Third has been topwater. The kvd sexy dawg is amazing. It’s a walk the dog type bait with great hooks on it. Those have been the go to baits this time of year for me. One thing i’m doing is fishing a time I never have fished before. Instead of fishing first thing in the morning or last few hours of daylight, I’ve been fishing the hottest part of the day. From 1pm until 4pm has been the trick. Don’t know why because I’ve never had the success I’ve had recently during those times. Them temps are higher and the bites are slower, but that big bite has been coming. It’s working and my bro n law just caught a good one today at 2:30pm when the sun was out. The fish I’ve been catching have been coming off shallow flats. Between 2 to 4 ft of water. Hope this helps

  14. Mark Sherby

    Thanks for the lure tips Sol. I have tried the flukes but only used white and silver because the water was so cloudy from all of the rain before my trips down there…I will definitely give your color a try. Me and my fishing partner (Ohio Bass Blog follower, Aaron Sikora) found out exactly what you are talking about last summer about the hot part of the day, almost every big one we caught last summer was caught between 2pm and 4pm…in the heat of the day. We thought that was strange at the time but it was working, so we would forget the early morning and just go from like noon until a liitle after dark. We were catching them last year on medium to deep diving crank or jerk baits, that is not working so far this summer. We have been patient, tried different lures and techniques with no big bass results. Like you, we are not trying to catch bass, we want big bass! I really appreciate your input because I know you get down there more than us and are more in-tune with what is working at different times of the year. Thanks.

  15. sol

    For the Aep followers, the bite has been hot right before the evening. This has been my most productive summer ever as far as quality bass. I usually don’t start to catch bass over 5lbs until middle of oct thru jan. I hope this bite keeps up and runs into my favorite time to chase them. One reason i’m having success is because i’m confident every time out that i’m getting a bass over 5lbs, or i’m going to have that opportunity. I’ve been sticking with my game plan and waiting on that big bite. I’m sacrificing numbers but it’s worth it to me. Bigger baits has been the ticket. I will say that I’ve lost my fair share of big bass this year. I had 2 jump off that was over the 7lb mark and could have broke the 8lb mark. I explained to Mike that I had a Mike Ike moment after one of those fish jumped off.(you can guess what kind of moment that was) Has anyone else been having luck with quality fish? If you haven’t been out get there because the ponds been producing.

    • Kevin Woodward

      Sol I haven’t been getting anything. The damn weeds and ticks are killing me. I’m almost thinking about putting the rods up until sept… I don’t know what to do..

  16. sol

    Nice bass Mark, what you get that one on? Did you guys crush them that day?

  17. Mark Sherby

    Thanks Sol. I was due for a decent one. I got that one on a medium diving depth crank bait. I also reeled in a 4.1 that day. I tried the flukes, I’m only getting small ones on those but not giving up on them because I see the results you are getting. You are killing them this summer!

    • Bryan Richards

      I’m headed down to AEP this weekend for some camping and plan to give fishing another shot. I was down the weekend of 7/20 but we got rained out and I caught nothing (my usual quota). Do you have any good advice on locations or types of baits I should be taking down there? We plan to camp at site K.
      Thanks for any help,

  18. sol

    There are still tons of moss and different types of vegetation on the ponds. Don’t be afraid to throw top water frogs early in am or late in pm. I’ve been using magnum flukes and crushing them. U can’t fish them to fast though. Fish have been hitting mine as its slowly falling. Once i twitch it and then let it drop- boom. Black and watermelon have been doing the trick. Also i have been using big creature type baits. Focus on brush hogs. You may not get as many bites on the bigger baits, but when you do it’s game on.

  19. sol

    The aep fall bite is on and crackin. Sunday we caught over 40 bass and today we caught 24. The bigger fish are starting to become active. Anyone else catching fish?

    • Kevin Woodward

      Hey Sol that’s good to know. What have they been hitting on and has the moss died down some??

      • sol

        Yes the moss is finally starting to die down, but i will say we have been catching the bass in the grass underneath. I’ve switched over to my favorite bait- black and blue jig and pig. Also, we have been getting them on tubes and creature baits.

  20. Dawn

    Sol, Any updates for the fishing this week??

    • sol

      I sure do dawn. Yesterday we caught fish most of the day but no giants. Total was in the high 30’s, but i will trade all of them for one hawg. Today was a different story. I got the bites i been wanting. Had a giant wrap me up in cattails so i went in after her. She ended up shaking lose before i got to her. I did manage another good fish. Mike will post pic later. I caught 9 today but better quality. Fishing jigs, tubes, and culprit worms.

  21. Josh

    Sol,are you guys float tubing or using yaks? I fish avondale and shore fishing is very hard. A 1 acre pond may have 50 feet of accessable shore line. My float tube has been patched too many times. I’m thinking about a kayak. Thanks, Josh

    • sol

      Hey Josh what’s up? Believe it or not we are fishing from the bank. Yes i totally understand about fishing those tough areas and ponds with only 50ft of fishing shore. It pays off when you stay after them. I am very familiar with the Avondale wildlife area, as i have fished them for years. Grew up only 10 minutes from there. Keep at it and you will land that giant. They are plentiful down there. As i always tell people be ready when she bites because sometimes you only get the chance once in a lifetime for a trophy.

      • Kevin Woodward

        What’s up Sol! I was wondering should I be trying a different area than Cumberland because all I catch is 12 inchers because if I make another drive from Columbus for a gang of those I’m going to lose my mind…. I’ve thrown damn near my whole tackle bag at em. What is left?lol

  22. sol

    Josh, another thing i wanted to mention is that while fishing in those tough areas we lose some good fish. I txtd mike a few times pissed off because of fish getting tangled in standing timber or thick weeds. I just didn’t have the angles or enough space to control them. These were not 4 or 5 lb fish. They were 7 and 8lb giants. They are determined to get off and will do everything possible to achieve that. They know where every stump, laydown, branch, etc, and they will use it to their advantage. I take a set of cutters with me and trim areas the best i can.

    • Kevin Woodward

      What’s up Sol! I went out today and didn’t have a bite on anything except the weeds. I threw everything and nothing, but I did see some monsters cruising and didn’t hit. Are there different areas at AEP with less weeds and I’m going to try again Saturday because I ran out of daylight today. If you can help me out please???

  23. sol

    Kevin, what area of the state do you live? There are a few different aep areas and we catch fish in all of them.

    • Kevin Woodward

      I live in Columbus and my dad and I always fish in the Cumberland area…

      • Kevin Woodward

        Sol, I normally try to find the pond that are easier to get to. My dad is 70 so I try to take it easy on him. He always asks me to ask you to be our guide because I don’t know the areas and haven’t put us on any fish yet…lol maybe we could get out there with you sometime.

  24. Kevin Woodward

    I’m definitely going to try Sat. Will it benefit to get there early this time of year?

  25. Kevin Woodward

    Any updates on anyone catching anything?

    • Mark Sherby

      We went down last Sunday, tried a couple new ponds and didn’t catch a single bass. Threw everything in the tackle box.

    • sol

      Caught two good ones on nov 12. Both hit the pig n jig combo. They were caught in heavy wind and in different ponds. One was 5.3, and the other was 4.8. Went nov 14, and didn’t get a bite.

  26. Kevin Woodward

    I went today and tried 3 different ponds and caught one 11incher.lol

  27. sol

    wishing all a happy thanksgiving. Last year i got me a thanksgiving 5blb bass. Hopefully i get the same this year. I’m going to try and get out after lunch. Nov and Dec is a great time of year to get that giant.

    • Mike Reeves

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too Sol! Go get that giant and send me the photo to post!

    • Kevin Woodward

      Same to you Sol…. I went out last week and got one more 11 incher. I’m the king of those…lol

      • sol

        we all went out sunday and majority of the ponds we fish down cumberland were froze. They didn’t have a thick layer of ice on them, but enough that you couldn’t fish. We did find some ponds unthawed, but they were ponds we normally wouldnt fish. No bites at all. These warm temps we have will unthaw them since the ice wasn’t thick. I will be back out soon.

  28. sol

    Kevin i went out today and it was perfect conditions. Caught one 2lber. Them big bass will be ready to eat the next couple of days. I will be out unless we get that ice storm.

    • Kevin Woodward

      I’m gonna try and get out there next weekend because my dad won’t go with me unless it’s atleast 40 degree.lol keep me posted I probably need to find deeper ponds to get past the ice.

  29. Josh

    Thanks for all the great advice!

  30. Matt

    Went down to Cumberland Sunday, stopped at to two different ponds water temp was around 40 to 42. Had one hit a tube, about 20 feet out around some grass, other than that no luck.

  31. sol

    Plastic, zoom or net bait.

  32. sol

    Just want to thank mike and the blog for another successful year. Also want to thank everyone who made the aep page a success. There were some pigs on the page. Let’s work hard to repeat what we did in 2013. Corn, Greg, Jr, and Aaron we got our work cut out for us. Mike and Marshall i’m sure you will get after them as soon as possible. Let’s make it happen this year with both of you making the journey down here to get that slammer. Thanks again Mike.

  33. sol

    Hello Nick Wood, I’ve been thinking about trying the conesville area. Are the ponds up that way hard to get to? I like the tress in the pond of the picture you have on the aep page. Do those ponds get a lot of pressure? Thanks for any input

  34. sol

    Is it me or is anybody else frustrated with this weather? This time last year we were getting on them. If the weather doesn’t make a 360 change, we may not be out until late march or early april. I remember years ago when this happened and the number of giant bass we caught wasn’t even close to any other year. We fished as hard as we usually do, but couldn’t produce those quality fish. Has this happened to anyone else after winters like this? Mike have you ever written an article about long hard winters and the role it plays on fishing? I’ve read numerous articles about this subject, but I would like to see how you feel or get your opinion. The writers I’ve read articles from didn’t live in Ohio.

    • Mike Reeves

      Sol, I just compared by tournament result spreadsheets from the past 8 years against the severity of the past 8 winters. I have a feeling that we are in for a tough season of bass fishing. I hope I’m wrong!

      • sol

        Mike i got that same feeling, but i hope were both wrong. Like you i keep track of everything and our results have been significantly lower during the long hard winters. I’m thinking positive though, and at this point i just want to get my line wet.hahaha

    • Mark Sherby

      This winter has definitely been frustrating. I cannot wait for the ponds to thaw so we can get down there and start catching some hawgs!

  35. Kevin Woodward

    What’s up Sol! I was wondering the same thing. I know next week starting tues through sat mid 40s to high 50s but we know how quick that can change in Ohio. I wanted to Scout and maybe sling a bait out but that water temp has to be crazy cold. I was watching a episode on Timmy Horton outdoors and he went out when it was 30 and found the warmest part on the lake and he started catching but that is in Ala. lol definitely a different type of cold here. I have a bad case of cabin fever where I’m recording all the fishing shows.lol

    • sol

      Kevin we usually catch them starting in february. In fact some of my biggest bass were caught when half of the pond was frozen, and my rod had ice on it. My concern is the long hard winter we had. I just hope we are able to get out before mid march. I did take advantage of scouting. I found a ton of new ponds and they look great. We trimmed up some areas around those new ponds to make them fishable. The last time we checked the ice was 7 inches thick. Also if you get a chance check out the AEP experiment on this page.

      • Kevin Woodward

        I did check out the experiment and thanks for the scouting idea. I figured with all of the snow it would be too tough to navigate through there. I don’t want to make the drive and can’t get around. Hopefully this weather will give and let us get out there and get some big boys.

        • Kevin Woodward

          I’m done watching Bill Dance, Roland Martin, and Al Linder and reading magazines and can’t use any techniques…lol

      • Kevin Woodward

        Sol, with the temp change this week,how is the ice coming along on the ponds???

        • sol

          Hey Kev what’s up, i was on 2 different ponds thursday/friday and it was pretty thick. I know those nice days full us and give us hope, but we still have a few weeks and maybe longer with the temps changing again. Around the edges of smaller ponds you may see it starting to unthaw, but the ice was over 7 inches friday towards the middle of the pond.

  36. sol

    Hopefully i get a chance to take you out this year.

    • Kevin Woodward

      Hopefully this weather will change soon because I can’t take it anymore…lol The hawgs will hopefully will be good and hungry when it unthaws. I’ll be ready.

      • sol

        Kevin, I was out scouting today looking for new ponds. I was frustrated because the ice was solid and thick. I walked across 3 different ponds today. I did cut paths around a new pond I found. Hopefully it pays off. Looking like a few more weeks and maybe longer with these cooler nights. I’m missing my favorite time of year. I wait all year for the last 2 weeks of feb and the first 2 weeks of mar. It will be 60 daily after the ice unthaws which pisses me off. I like the 35-42 degree temps. This year I was more prepared than any other year to get started, only to be disappointed by the ice still on and this crazy weather. I don’t mind fishing in the snow or frigid temps, but it’s hard to do that when the ice is still on. The fish will definitely act different this year and the bite may be slow Kevin.

        • Kevin Woodward

          Sol, that sucks I was going to head down today to scout. We’re going into the second week of March and can’t do a damn thing yet… The waiting game is taking more patience than waiting for a big bite.

        • Matt

          Went down yesterday for a few hrs, found some ponds with open water. Threw a jig-n-pig and tube for a while but no luck. My thermometer said 45 to 46, don’t know how accurate it is…seemed a little high to me.

  37. solomon

    Nice going Carter. It’s great to see someone your age with that passion. Mark i couldn’t find any unthawed in the areas i usually fish. Trying again friday and hopefully it’s game on.

  38. Carter purvis

    Thanks Solomon it was a good start to the 2014 bass season! Next weekend I’ll be chasing smallmouth bass in the creek:)

  39. Mark Sherby

    I’m proud of my nephew and his two brothers who didn’t want to go that day are jealous. I might be a little jealous also from watching him reel those two fish in within 20 minutes of each other, in pretty much the same spot. After driving around and alot of walking, looking at frozen ponds, Carter said “Are we going to get to fish today, or what.” I was starting to worry if we were. We finally found a thawed out pond and the rest is history for him. I told him we were going to have to take his brothers down there and he said “They can go somewhere else. That is my pond.” I’ll be heading back down this weekend to try my luck.
    Thanks for commenting on his pics Solomon, he is always on the blog admiring your catches.

    • Kevin Woodward

      Nice fish! That was music to my ears. It’s time to get out now….

    • sol

      Carter is right, they are going to have to go somewhere else.hahahah It is his pond now. Carter as you get older keep that pond to yourself and please thank your uncle for taking you out. I can remember when i was that age and all i wanted to do was fish with my uncle greg. We would go every weekend as long as my homework was complete. I know Greg got tired of me calling and worrying about what time we were headed out, but he laughs about it now. I stuck with it and stuck with and now i teach him things.hahahah

  40. Kevin Woodward

    Sol, you struck again!lol I went up yesterday and got nothing and my dad got a 12 incher…lol I’ll be up again soon.

  41. sol

    Mark and Kevin believe it or not that pond i got that fish out of again was an experiment. I went to my favorite holes and they were still frozen. I saw tons of them unthawed but not the areas i usually fish.

  42. Mark Sherby

    Nice fish Sol. That one from Friday is a beast. I caught a couple of OK ones on Saturday. I’m just glad to see we’re catching some after this brutal winter. Looks like you might have found a good new pond.

  43. Kevin Woodward

    Sol, damn I’m jealous!lol man I wish I
    lived closer so I can fish harder than I already do. I took my son out on sat and we caught 3 and the 9yr old was bragging about catching the biggest. I will be back trying my luck sat and sun. Man I love it. BTW nice fish I’m still waiting for the big one.

  44. Bob Price

    Hey Sol, Bob here. Man I have been busting my butt ever since I could find a hole in the ice big enough to get a lure through.Got a whole lot of nothing. A couple of decent ones but that was it a couple. Yesterday I went to the L pond. Worked like a rented Mule, nothing ,not a bite.Working my way back to the vehicle about 5 pm I was at a very shallow end of the pond.WHAM, BAM. a 6.5 and a 6.8 within a half hour.Funny how a couple of slabs make you forget how frustrated one can get huh? Today I am off to my favorite Conesville slab factory. So excited I have been up since 3 am. By the way. your tip on soft plastics is what got me those hawgs yesterday. A yum Mighty bug 4 ” blue with red speckles. weedless and weightless in less than 3 ft of water.. Thanks Bud, hope to have more to write about tomorrow.

  45. sol

    Hey Bob, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you posted something saying you got into fish. They are starting to bite. I caught over 20 fish the other day and ended with a slammer. I fished four different ponds and caught fish in everyone. I’m still fishing deeper water and haven’t seen any sign in the shallows yet. I know it’s coming soon to some of the ponds I fish. I was telling mike how 2 ponds I fish had ice on half of the ponds still. Couldn’t believe it.

  46. Bob Price

    I could say these two were accidental.I had been fishing deep all day except for brush piles and stumps. I stopped at those shallows to learn a new Frog lure I bought last fall. I had never seen a Frog lure like this one. Surface, hard plastic with a holographic finish. If it croaked you would swear it was live. I played with it a little last fall but just could not figure out a realistic retrieve. so while I was playing with it[ yes I finally figured it out] I noticed bluegills surfacing and some really small bluegill jumping out of the water. So I thought there just might be something chasing them. I was right. I got lucky. Went to my slab factory and damn if it was not still 75% ice covered. I left it alone. That pond does not get a whole lot of sun. Which is why I think it produces like it does.You can always fish shade and catch something of fun. I honestly have never caught anything under 2 1/2 lbs there.. I might go out this afternoon. not sure yet. Been on it so much I am pretty tired.Get paid next week. Have to stock up on lures and need to buy the wife a new reel. All that being said, good to talk at you again and surely we will be swapping info from now until ice cover.IT IS ABOUT TIME, LOL

  47. sol

    I would say the fish are turning on, but they been turned on. Better get out and get some of those giants. Congrats to Jr on his personal best. Mike looks like the fish pics are rolling in. I’ll be out tomorrow and hopefully I get another slammer.

    • Kevin Woodward

      Sol, I went out twice and felt good like I was going to get something and I finished the day with absolutely nothing… I will try my luck again this weekend. If there are any tips I should please help…lol

      • Sol

        Be patience and have some confidence. I had a 4 day stretch of giants and lately a few fish. I went out today in perfect big bass weather and only caught 2 fish. The biggest was 4.5. I just knew today would produce an 8lber. Just hope that the weather doesn’t warm up like Tuesday. That wasn’t a good big bass day. We need it to be in the high 30’s/low 40’s and we will be good. People want the weather to hurry up and get nice, but those hawgs bite better in colder water. People always say how do you consistently catch them?, my answer is always fish the coldest months and nasty days. Keep throwing those jigs or rubber baits.

        • Kevin Woodward

          Thanks Sol! I definitely not gonna give up, I think I need to try some more areas also or I need to focus on 2 to 3 ponds and fish them really hard.

          • Bob Price

            Yeah, the warmer days this week sucked for big fish. It was hard to get anything to bite on those days. The fish are confused enough as it is with long daylight hours and cooler water than this time of year normally has. For me, depending on the pond it has been feast or famine. But you cant catch em sitting at home.Gotta spend time on the water.I met a guy at Cabelas yesterday who fishes the F L W tour. He gave me some nice tips . Nice guy too. So now I just have to go drown some lures. hehe

  48. Kevin Woodward

    That’s exactly what I’m going to do Bob is get out there and fish hard until I get one of those hawgs..

  49. sol

    Congrats Greg G on your 6.9. I know you have been putting in a lot of time on the water. I told you last week to hang in there and it’s about to happen for you. It looks like your on a role now. I also mentioned to you how magical that bait was. You can’t beat it in cold water temps. We have been slamming big 1s this year. Everyone on the blog has nice fish. I told Corn last night that this is the first year that Greg sr, Greg jr, Corn, and myself have got a 7lber all in the same year. This was a great accomplishment for our team. Greg G it looks like you may be joining us soon. A big thanks goes out to Mike for creating this aep page. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be able to share our experiences together, and our giant catches. Mike people will probably never say it, but I bet ohiobassblog is the reason a lot of people are catching giant bass. I remember when people used to say what is the aep recreation lands, and what are you guys catching them on. Now you go down there and cars are lined up waiting on that giant bite.(lol) So if your one who visit’s the site for information or updates on what fish are biting on, please send Mike a thank you. Let’s keep catching them.

  50. Greg Gohring

    Thanks sol.I have fished for 20 years tring to beat 6.2 and I met you a couple years ago and you told me what I needed to start throwing and I have been slamming the bass this year and finally beat my old record. I just want to say thanks for all your advise and I know that I will be joining the 7 pound club soon.lol Also wanted to thank mike for this blog I think it awesome being able to get on and see what people are catching.Well good fishin everyone

  51. Kevin Woodward

    Sup guys! Nice fish everyone… I went out again and got skunked again… Frustration is definitely starting to set in with all the gas I’m using coming from Columbus… If anyone has any advice on the time of day and colors I should be using please help… I’m starting to think I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong or is there big fish in the ponds I’m fishing…. HELLLLPPP

    • sol

      Kevin this time of year I leave to go out at 1030am. I want to be on the water by 1130. This is the time the sun starts warming up the water temp. Remember the slightest difference in temps can turn fish on. I usually stay until 6ish. In the aep areas i’m still fishing the deeper water using green pumpkin jigs with a chigger craw attached. The big fish seem to be holding in (7-14ft) There is an excellent book by Bill Murphy titled “In pursuit of giant bass”. In this book he explains how the largest bass in all lakes and ponds live in deeper water. He has caught tons of giants over 15 pounds. That booked has helped me in pursuit of some of my ohio giants. In a few weeks they will start cruising the banks. During this period I switch to creature baits and weightless baits, watermelon black flake. I know it’s a long drive from there to the aep lands, but one day it’s all going to pay off. Trust me. When you are fishing do you move around the bank a lot, or stay put? I stay in a spot for over an hour and keep casting and casting. When my uncle Greg Sr caught his giant the other day, he didn’t move that spot in 3 hours and bam big bass.

    • Greg Norris Jr

      If your not sure of an area or pond and want to find an area to focus on from my expierences cant go wrong with fishing the timber idk how many times i have fished the same tree for over an hour an just when im ready to give up on that spot finally get that bite another thing i learned from my idol the great bill dance if you dont have confidence in your lure your not going to catch them so stay confident and keep casting and good luck

      • Kevin Woodward

        Thanks Greg Norris Jr! I always look for ponds with timber but I’m always finding the ones where I can’t really fish it unless I have a boat.. I will definitely keep searching and fishing hard. I believe my day is coming…

  52. Kevin Woodward

    Sol, I really appreciate all the advice. I gonna try to get out around that time then and stay in that one spot… I was always thinking if there was nothing going on I should move…. I’m gonna keep working because I was ready to give up…lol I don’t think I know the deeper ponds.smh I’m a lost ball in high weeds I guess when I’m out there….lol

  53. Greg Gohring

    Kevin I don’t know if this will help but I caught all my big bass this year between 1 and 4 pm

  54. Bob Price

    I agree Sol. Without Mike starting this site I know I would bot be catching big Bass regularly. Thanks Mike. Got out over the weekend caught a couple just under 5. Wifey just missed landing a slammer. It was about 5 yds away when it broke her line. I saw it. It was big. I cut her some slack as I believe you are a rookie for at least 5 yrs.I did see a young man catch a 6 lber also. I was impressed as he came to me to ask if I had pliers as his treble hook was buried. I took the hook out and he very gently released her after some pics were taken.dont see a whole lot of respect for nature from the younger guys but these guys had it down.

    • Mike Reeves

      It’s my pleasure guys! Keep the great photos coming, this page is getting upwards of 500 visits a day! You guys are proving that AEP is truly an unbelievable bass fishery.

  55. Dawn

    Wondering…we fish the Conesville area ponds, pulling out nothing but 12″ fish. Has anyone, caught anything bigger in the Conesville area. Feel like I am wasting my time….thoughts….

  56. sol

    I can’t say it enough that the nasty weather is the best conditions for the giant bass. Today it was snowing and temps down in the valley we were fishing was freezing. Snow had covered one whole bank of the pond. You couldn’t cast 3 times without your eyes freezing up, but that didn’t stop us because I knew what today would bring. Check out the photos from today.

  57. Zach

    I was wondering if the bass are bedding yet? Planning my yearly trip for next week wanted to get a game plan any help would be appreciated!

  58. sol

    Hey Zach they are on the beds down aep. It’s been very slow the last two trips out. If you get down there and the weather is crappy your chances are better. Bass are eating rubber baits better than any other bait right now. They have slowed down on the jigs and swimbaits. Take a good pair of sunglasses with you which will allow you to see those bedding bass and the cruisers. Let me know how you do. Watermelon black flake is my favorite color this time of year.

  59. BruLee

    Hopefully most are being catched and released.

    • Mike Reeves

      I can assure you that they are. I’ve been out with these guys, they are catch and release. Sometimes you will notice a stringer on a fish in their photos. These are used to keep the fish in the water while they get their camera set up.

  60. Bob Price

    Dawn, went out tues last week at a Conesville pond. killed em . Smallest was a 4 1/2 biggest was a 6 . All in about 4 hrs. Sol , Kevin, feast or famine for me. I am either slammin slammers or not catching a thing. Kevin , one thing I have learned in a looooong life of fishing A E P . Knowing the pond is as important as knowing how to fish. Not a lot different from deer hunting. It is not how much land [ or water in this case] but how well you hunt it. Just think what we do. We are hunting something we cant see in their own territory and we all want the smartest of the fish. dummies dont grow to be slammers. Hang in there. learn your pond or ponds . Dont be afraid to step out of the box. O and I have been doing really well with Lizards. Lets go get em boys and girls.

  61. Kevin Woodward

    Thanks Bob I haven’t got to get there in a week so I’m just gonna keep using all of the advice you guys have been giving and I know before too long it will pay off…

  62. Derek

    Hey guys i was wondering what the regulations were on keeping fish caught at the AWP ponds. LG mouth Specific?

    • Mark Sherby

      Copied and pasted from the ODNR website.
      All American Electric Power Company waters*, Belmont, Guilford, Killdeer Reservoir & Killdeer Plains ponds No. 30 and No. 33, Kiser, Long, Oxbow, Spencer, St. Joseph Wildlife Area, Wingfoot, Tycoon, Wolf Run

      3 fish split daily limit

      2 fish less than 14 inches and 1 fish greater than or equal to 20 inches

  63. David T.

    Just wandering, I have seen some pics where folks are holding up 2 fish. Are you releasing these fish back to the ponds? When I see one in each hand there is no way they are being released immediately after being caught.

    • sol

      David, all the people I fish with practice catch and release. Not only the big fish, but the little bass also. I’m after the state record. That has been a goal of mine for 10 years and still the goal. I won’t stop chasing those giants until I break it.

  64. Bob Price

    David , there is nothing wrong with putting a Bass on a stringer or in a livewell for a time so pics can be taken.All of us who are regular commentators on this site have extensive Bass experience. Look at the Pro tourneys . Bass are in a livewell for up to 8 hrs with over a 90 % survival rate.

  65. David T

    What’s the latest you guys have on the spawn? Fished today and saw a lot of beds but no cruisers and no fish on the beds. All the fish I caught did not show any egg bellys. Have most of the bass spawned?

  66. sol

    David my daughter caught a 21 inch bass with a pretty nice size head yesterday, and it was spawned out. I’ve seen one bass over the last week that has had eggs in her. Most are skinny bass. You might get one over the next few weeks that is stiff full. Remember the state record was caught on 5-26 and it was full of eggs. I’m going to give it two good weeks of hardcore fishing. After that i’ll relax and take a little time off. It sucks catching a bass that should weigh 7 or 8 pounds and it only goes 5 or 6 because of how skinny they get.

    • David T

      Thanks for the reply. I know what you mean when you land a fish in the 20″ range and it looks pretty thin. My late fishing buddy caught a pig at Elk Fork (Wv) on a frog out in the middle of the lake that would have gone between 7 or 8 if it had been pre spawn. As it was it was more in the 5# or 6# range. I caught a 21.5 at AEP that looked like it had been starved but it was a post spawn fish. Love to see the big fat belly fish for sure.

  67. sol

    How’s it been Kevin? I believe you ran into my 1 of my partners today, Corn. He said he ran into two guys from columbus, and it was a father/son. I just figured it was you guys. If it was you, you were in a good pond. Keep that between us.lol

  68. Kevin Woodward

    Hey Sol what’s up man! I wish it was us. My dad had eye surgery so we haven’t had a chance to come over there in like 2 months but he is good and ready now so we should be making that trip very soon. My dad always worries about those ticks around this time…lol We still have to get out together before the season is up man. It definitely would be a great learning experience for my pops and I to fish with the Aep bassmaster himself…lol Email me anytime man Kevinwoodward98@gmail.com

  69. sol

    Nice fish Sherb. Hell of a catch any time of the year, but impressive for july.

  70. Mark Sherby

    Thanks alot Sol. I’m was very happy with that one. Now if I can just start catching ones like that more consistently like you, Corn and Greg Jr. do…..

  71. sol

    That pond looked very familiar.(lol) We will keep that to ourselves. It’s been quiet on my end. Just some small ones the last few weeks. I believe it’s about to turn on, and i mean turn all the way on. I just need to be there when it does. As long as you continue to fish out there you will have the opportunity to catch those giants. What did you get that one on?

    • Kevin Woodward

      Well Sol I’m not even doing that great on my home lake right now… I will be making my way back that way very soon. I need lunkers soon asapington(asap)…lol

    • Mark Sherby

      Oh, so you are the one who has been doing the landscaping along the shoreline there….? LOL I got that one on a medium-depth crankbait that would just cruise along the top of the underwater weeds.

  72. Kevin Woodward

    Nice fish guys! It must be time again.

    • sol

      Yes it is Kevin. I caught another good fish this evening. Water temp is cooling down really fast. I bet it’s 10 degrees cooler than this time last year.

      • Kevin Woodward

        Sol did you guys catch those night fishing and what did they hit on?

        • sol

          Kevin it dark when we caught them. The fish have been turning on 10 min before dark and after dark. We been catching them on flukes in the shallows.

      • Mark Sherby

        Nice fish, Sol and Aaron. I have got to get back down there soon! I’m glad to see that the bigguns are starting to hit again with the cooler water temperatures.

  73. Mike Powers

    Completely new to the AEP experience, haven’t even been yet…but planning to get a kayak for next season and begin exploring. I normally fish for pike/bass/walleye in Canada but AEP looks too good to pass up. Now I wouldn’t dream of asking anyone to reveal their hot spots or the good ponds to visit, but would you be willing to share the ones to avoid (might be too shallow or have bluegill only, for example)? Just looking for some friendly guidance before the big adventure. Thanks in advance!

  74. sol

    With the temps in the mid 60’s today i decided to trade in the bow for my rods. It was a great decision because we caught 32 bass with the biggest weighing 6.4. The wind was perfect, and we believe that’s the reason the fish were biting so well. All fish were caught casting into the wind on jigs, and chigger craws. Greg sr got the 6.4, while i managed to get a 3lber. I may get back out there tomorrow because the bite was awesome.

  75. Kevin Woodward

    Thanks for the update Sol because my pops and I are planning on getting out there tomorrow… What time of day were they hitting?

  76. Matt

    Sol how deep were you fishing? I went out the 25th caught one fish on a jig.

    • sol

      Were catching most fish in the 5-10ft range. Fishing the windy days plays a huge role in our success. If i wasn’t hunting tonight i would hit up aep for sure. It’s a great day to catch giants.

      • Kevin Woodward

        Hey Sol, what time of day is the best at this time of year?

        • sol

          Two different times for me. The wind usually picks up around 11am, so i like from 11-2 or the last 2 hours before dark. If the wind is 10-15mph i’ll fish most of the day. This time of year the big fish love to eat on cloudy and windy days.( I check the weather daily and compare fishing logs from last year to find similar conditions/patterns.) That’s when majority of my fish have been caught. You just have to be there when that big one decides to eat. I know they are trying to fatten up before winter hits. Remember the number of fish will decrease this time of year but the quality should be better.

  77. Bob Price

    Sol, here is my year end report. Not a bad year but nothing like the year before. Kind of odd. I would either catch slammers or nothing at all for the most part. Really only had a few days when little dinkers were caught. Could not fish as much as as would have liked .Physical problems kept me from fishing. I imagine the late ice off had then quick heating had a lot to do with the fish behavior. Did you know some A E P ponds have been netted and are being drained? I saw two of them on tuesday. the L pond being one of them. I know A E P leased all the re-creation land to shale oil drillers but I was hoping it was not true. I also see roadways being cut in the woods where there were none before. So , I went scouting and found some new ponds to fish.Looking forward to next season. In the meantime I have been going to the rivers and trying for Smallmouth. Never fished for them before. Love the new learning experience . Biggest I have caught was 16 1/2 in . It is fun and gets me out on the water. Once again thanks for all your advice and help.

  78. Josh

    Avondale is basically gone. Most of it is posted no access. They clear cut a good portion of it over the summer, and are mining it. My favorite hunting spot looks like the surface of the moon. My ‘secret’ ponds are gone. Hopefully it will be reclaimed like the Cumberland area.

  79. sol

    Hello everyone, is it me or is anyone else frustrated with this damn weather. In years past I’ve had my best days of fishing the last 2 weeks of feb, and the first 2 weeks of march. I was out scouting last week and the ice was super thick. It’s going to take very warm consistent days for a few weeks before we can get on them. I love watching fishing and reading my magazines, but it gives me the itch even more.lol I just hope that everyone enjoys a great year of fishing, and that we post some monsters on the AEP page. I had 2 different people call me over the last month saying they had a dream I caught the state record. Hopefully their dream comes true. If so you guys on the blog will be the 1st to know, and I will let Mike write the 1st story.

    • Kevin Woodward

      Yo Sol! It’s almost that time again. I’m just glad that this winter isn’t as bad as last years because last year I had I think one of my worst fishing years ever. Hopefully everything will be thawed and warmed up a few degrees by the last week in March and first week in April because that is my week vacation to hog hunt…. Have you thought about youtubing some of your fishing trips man. I think that would be awesome to show your skills live at AEP….

  80. allen scherer

    hi everyone I’m new to the AEP ponds and fishing. where is the best places to catch the big ones and what on?????? any help be great

  81. Kevin Woodward

    Hi Allen it’s ponds all in the cumberland area. Some good baits are soft plastics and jig not pigs…

  82. Kevin Woodward

    Typo lol jig n pigs….

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