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About AEP


The AEP ReCreation Land is a 60,000-acre outdoor recreation area built on land that was once used for strip mining.  With over 600 public ponds and lakes, The AEP ReCreation Land offers some of the best big bass fishing in the State of Ohio.

A valid Ohio fishing license and a free AEP Permit are required to fish the AEP ReCreation Lands.

For current AEP bass fishing reports, visit the AEP Reports Page.

Be sure to check out the AEP Maps before you make the trip!

Solomon Curtis with 10lb 2oz AEP ReCreation Lands Largemouth

9 Responses

  1. josh

    you are always catching big fish what is something I can do to change my luck at AEP

    • Sol

      Set a game plan and stick to it. Too many times people find themselves not catching fish and get away from there plan. Once you come up with your game plan for the trip have confidence in it and the baits you are throwing. The minute you doubt your baits or techniques, is the minute you should call it quits for the day. I can’t stress enough how much confidence plays an important role in success. Don’t know if you read the article on the blog titled- Ohio record largemouth- one man’s pursuit, but it gives a few things you can do to improve your catches. For this time of year i love creature baits. River bugs, tiny beavers, chigger craws, brushogs, and lizards. They all drive fish crazy. I prefer green pumpkin, or watermelon red flake. No matter what baits you are throwing, it won’t work unless you have confidence in them. Everytime i approach a pond/lake i have large amounts of confidence, and i believe i’m going to catch fish that day. The last thing i do this time of year is fish weightless. It’s more realistic to them to fall or drop at a slower rate. This takes more patience, but will pay off. Any soft plastic can be fished weightless. I’ve been getting action on some topwater baits. Mike wrote a nice article on topwater baits last year, and gave examples. The warmer it get’s the more i throw topwater. Hope this helps. Stay after it.

  2. Mark

    Congrat’s on your great catch !

  3. sol

    Thanks Mark, a lot of time and energy spent chasing those hawgs. That day it paid off. For the full story read the article on here titled ohio record bass one man’s pursuit.

  4. Bob Price

    Sol could not be more correct. I have followed his advice beginning in the winter. In terms of size I have never done better. forget numbers and concentrate on the Hawgs. It will pay off. yesterday I went in with a plan, stuck to it and caught a nice 4-5 lb female. Only fish I caught all day.It was the plan not the man that caught her.And when you get the big one ALL your time on the water was worth it.

  5. Brad

    Okay I’m not a trophy hunting bass fisherman. My biggest was 2 pounds. I’d like to catch something bigger but I’m more into numbers. I’m heading up for a camping trip soon and i was wondering if anyone could tell me any good ponds fairly close to the campsites (i will walk far i just dont want to drive far) any close to the campsites that produce numbers of 1-3 or 4 pound bass for just a good day of fishing? I’ll be with my friend and we’ll be bank only. So if you could help any, that’d be great!

  6. GUS

    Do any of these lakes/ponds have a boat ramp?

    • Mike Reeves

      Hi Gus, yes, a number of them do. Those with ramps get more pressure than the ponds that are off the beaten-path, but they still produce quality fish.

  7. Jack

    I am for sure going to try and spend as much time down there next year as I can. I never even really knew about it till somewhat recently. Do you guys just use float tubes or kayaks to get around on these places? I also intend to be using the big boy rods and lures targeting only the biggest bass. It pays off everywhere and here should only be even better.

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