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Mister Twister’s New Line of Soft Plastics for Bass

Growing up, I spent most of my spare time wading the Scioto River for smallmouth bass. One of my go to lures was a Mister Twister Curly Tail Grub, rigged on a Round Jighead. Tossing that subtle rig into the current and slow rolling it through the riffles was a guaranteed way to catch those river bronzebacks!

Recently, Darryl Laurent of Mister Twister contacted me to see if I was interested in sampling their new line of soft plastics that were designed for targeting bass. As an angler who is always looking to expand his arsenal of tricks, I took him up on the offer. I was pleasantly surprised when a box of assorted plastics in a wide variety of colors appeared at my doorstep a few days later. After field testing Mister Twister’s new bass fishing line over the last few weeks, they have my stamp of approval. Here is a list of my favorite three bait styles that I sampled, and what I like about them.

Flip’n OUT

Available in 21 colors, the Flip’n OUT is Mister Twister’s version of the beaver. At 4 inches in length, this bait can be fished Texas Rigged, Carolina Rigged, or used as a jig trailer.  What I like most about this bait is that it’s made with a plastic that strikes a good balance between softness and durability. It’s a touch heavier than most beaver baits, which means you can get away with rigging it with a lighter bullet weight. And because the plastic is durable, a single bait will last for several fish catches.  It has a claw appendage that can be separated into two segments to maximize water movement, as well as two twister arms that oscillate lightly even when the bait is sitting still. Give it a try for flipping weed clumps or laydowns.

Flipn Out

Poc’it Craw

The Poc’it Craw is a crawfish profiled soft plastic bait that can be pitched, flipped, or used as a jig trailer.  I had most success using it as a trailer on a 1/2 ounce jig.  At 3.5 inches, I like to bite off the top segment before threading it on my jig hook.  When separated, the claws flap and create a lot of commotion on the fall. If you choose to keep the claws connected, the profile and fall of the bait will be more streamlined. This bait features Mister Twister’s Poc’it technology, which allows the bait to trap air in narrowly grooved pockets that are located on the back side of the craw. As the bait moves through the water, it releases bubbles for extra attraction.

Pocit Craw

Magnum SinSation

The Magnum SinSation was my favorite of the lot due to its versatility. I caught fish on it while dragging rock piles with a Carolina Rig, and on top with the bait rigged as a trailer on a buzzbait.  It’s a long profile at 5 inches, and it moves a lot of water with its tapered body design, flapping appendages, and oversized curly tail. It also features the Poc’it technology for generating air bubbles. I think that the gigantic profile draws strikes from bigger than average fish.  As a tip, be sure to add a couple drops of super glue to the buzzbait head before threading the SinSation over the hook.

Magnum SinSation

Mister Twister also offers an array of worm baits, ranging from senko-style finesse worms to 10 inch monsters for dragging deep summer haunts. Be sure to check out their full lineup of bass plastics at Mister Twister Bass Products.





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  1. Charlie Long

    Will yall ever make a Junebug colored Poc’it Craw?

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