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Mid-Season Bass Boat Maintenance Tips from Knox Marine

Most bass boat owners have their boat serviced at the end of the season, during their annual winterization. But as hard as we are on our boats, the best practice is to give your boat a once-over from time to time throughout the season to check for signs of problems with your trailer, boat, and motor.

Knox Marine, Ohio’s leading dealer of Ranger bass boats and an Ohio Bass Blog sponsor has offered the following mid-season maintenance pointers for all bass boat owners. So take a few minutes to examine your boat. Some preventive maintenance now can save you big money, and time, in the long run. If you do find a potential issue with your boat, the service department at Knox Marine will be happy to assist you. They can be reached at (740) 694-7774.

Team Knox Marine

1. Check air pressure – always put in max cold PSI indicated on the tire
2. Check all trailer lights
3. Check brake fluid level on master cylinder located on trailer tongue
4. Jack up trailer and spin wheels – listen for any noise coming from bearings. If you have bearing buddies, be sure to pump fresh grease through, only a few pumps is needed
1. Check bolts and nuts holding the motor to the boat or jackplate 
2. Grease all fittings on engine
3. Check all fuel lines for deterioration and leaks
4. Remove propeller and check for fishing line on propeller shaft
5. If engine has reached 100 HRS change fuel filter, spark plugs and gear lube
Trolling Motor
1. Check bolts and nuts holding trolling motor to boat
2. Remove propeller and check for fishing line and check drive pin
3. Check wires and cable routing for any wear or poor connections. If you notice wear in any spots you may consider rerouting wires
1. Check over boat and make sure all screws are tight – dash, bow, lids, hinges, etc.
2. Check rub rail – If you notice any parts pushing out, this means a screw on the base has worked itself loose. Remove rub rail, tighten screw and reinsert rub rail. * Easier to work with when it has been sitting in the sun *
3. Check to ensure all battery connections are tight. Also check for corrosion around posts. If corrosion is present, a wire brush and battery cleaner should be applied
4. Check water level unless battery is maintenance free or AGM. Use only distilled water to replenish low water levels
5. Check over all boat components – bilge, aerator, lights, horn
6. Check bilge area for any debris that could clog pump and cause damage
7. Always remember the sun is your boats worst enemy – be sure to wash and wax your boat at least twice a year. Marine vinyl protection should be applied to seats and dash often. * Do not use automotive Armor All, as it will dry out and crack the vinyl
8. Lucas Oil has a product called Slick Mist – Speed Wax. Every fiberglass boat owner should have a bottle of this in their truck. Every time you pull your boat out of the water just spray on and wipe off to keep your boat looking great between waxes



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