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Three New Lure Recommendations for Early Spring Bass’n in Ohio

One of the benefits of writing for FLW Bass Fishing magazine is that I get to sample a lot of new and innovative lures.  Here are three lure recommendations that I’m confident will put more bass in your boat this spring.

Duo Realis Vibration 68 Lipless Crankbait – This lipless bait is a game changer in my mind.  In only a few trips, it’s proven itself every time I’ve picked it up.  What sets it apart from many of the other lipless cranks on the market is it’s castability, true retrieve, and eye catching color patterns.

The bait features an aerodynamic design, and as a result, I think it casts much further than other lipless baits of comparable size.  It’s balanced perfectly, and will run true, even when burned at high speed.  Two of my favorite colors are Red Tiger and Mat Blue Back Chartreuse Tiger.  If a simple cast and retrieve method isn’t working, try hopping it back to the boat – it will shimmy as it falls, and most fish will pick it up on the drop.  This bait really put me on some nice smallmouth last fall.  Ohio Bass Blog sponsor Fin Feather & Fur Outfitters carries a nice selection of these baits.

Duo Realis Vibration 68 Smallies

Shane’s Baits Blades of Glory Umbrella Rig – If you haven’t had a lot of success on an umbrella rig yet, don’t give up.  The umbrella rig has it’s time and place in Ohio – particularly in clear to slightly stained water when there’s a nice chop on the surface.  After playing around with a number of umbrella rigs on the market, I wasn’t overly impressed.  Many of them were built with stiff wire and didn’t look very lifelike when swimming along.

During an interview for FLW, I came in contact with the Lehew family out of Charlotte, NC.  Three generations of Lehew’s are heavily involved in the fishing industry, including Shane Lehew, who fishes on the FLW Tour.  The Lehew’s have created an impressive new umbrealla rig, known as the Blades of Glory.

What sets this unique rig apart is it’s interchangeable arms that allow anglers to quickly swap out components, and replace worn or broken arms.  The arms are designed to flex more than other umbrella rigs because they’re made with a thinner gauge wire, which gives it a more natural look than rigs that are stiff and rigid.  But what really sets this bait apart is it’s light weight.  At just two ounces, you can throw this thing all day without wearing yourself out.

This bait is completely customizable, and you can add arms that come rigged with or without blades.  There is even a pre-rigged buzzbait arm attachment, and a “scent tube” for adding your favorite bass attractant.  To learn more about these rigs, go to www.shanesbaits.com.

Shanes Baits - Blades of Glory  

Damiki Lures Vortex 75 Blade Bait – The Vortex 75 is an awesome bladebait for fishing for suspended cold water bass.  You can vertically jig it through bait schools, or cast it to a ledge and hop it back.  I like this bait more than other bladebaits I’ve used because of it’s extremely reflective holographic finish, and the exaggerated vibration it emits.  When the sun catches the finish on the Vortex, it lets off a flash that mimics a dead or dying shad perfectly.  And because of the excessive vibration it makes, bass don’t have any trouble locating it in a school of bait.  To read more about the Vortex 75, visit the Damiki website at http://damiki.shptron.com/c/hard-baits_blade-baits_vortex-75.

Damiki Vortex 75

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  1. Brian

    Really like that blade bait Mike. I use the Steel Shad a fair amount and it too is a good one, but this one also looks like a winner. Thx for the info.

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