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Fall Bite Heating Up!

If you have a favorite big bass lake, it’s about time to start hitting it hard.  The recent cool nights have fired our lakes up.  Want proof? Check out some of the big bass photos that have been submitted to me over the past few days by Ohio anglers.  For more on hunting for big bass in Ohio in the Fall, check out http://www.ohiobassblog.com/2011/10/24/fall-hawg-hunting-in-ohio/

Clear Fork – October 8th – Steve Holsinger

Steve Holsinger - Clear Fork - 10-8-13

Burr Oak – October 6th – Ryan Woods – 7.32lbs

Ryan Woods - Burr Oak - 7.32lbs - 10-6-13

James River, VA – October 7th – Nick Prvonozac – 7 lbs 10 oz

Nick Prvonozac - James River - 7lbs 10oz 10-7-13

AEP ReCreation Lands – September 23rd – Aaron Duemmel – 7lbs

Aaron Duemmel - 9-23-13 AEP


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  1. swimbait

    whats wrong with portage lakes after spring fish become so inactive anymore it was not always like that we’ve had small tournaments up here in the summer where everyone went home with not fish to really qualify couple of really big fish taken during rain and overcast times in june and late june in nimisila but the lakes seem very in active no fish movement of activity on the surface or below. a nine boat tournament last week produced 5lbs in 5 fish whats going on tell me please!!

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