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The Alien Labs Bottom Buster

For a $249 investment, there are very few bass fishing tools that can redefine an angler’s ability to catch fish.  The Alien Labs Bottom Buster, a manually operated shallow water anchoring system, is one of them.

Shallow water anchoring systems have transformed the way bass anglers can attack shallow cover.  Although there are a number of these anchoring systems available on the market today, most of them are expensive, ranging anywhere from $500 to $2,000 for a single anchor.  Fortunately, Ohio-based Alien Labs (www.alienlabsusa.com) has created a unique system that performs at a high level, but at a fraction of the cost of other anchors.

Bottom Buster Image 1

By pinning a bass boat to the bottom of the lake, the Bottom Buster neutralizes the effect of strong currents, waves, and wind on boat positioning.  The result is better casting accuracy, and the ability to pick apart shallow cover that would otherwise be challenging to fish.  In certain tournament scenarios, such as bed fishing and dock fishing events, not having one equipped can put an angler at a serious disadvantage against his competition.

The Bottom Buster is individually crafted with high-quality materials by Ohio tournament angler Matt Bores, and priced at a very affordable $249 (plus tax).  The system consists of three main components:  a RAM Mount; an anodized aluminum sleeve; and a durable eight foot long fiberglass pole.

Bottom Buster Image 2

The mounting system can be affixed to any flat surface of the boat with four stainless steel bolts.  The most common mounting positions are at the bow (either affixed to the trolling motor track or the top of the bow), or at the stern (affixed to the transom or jack plate).  Most mounting systems on the market can be mounted in a limited number of areas, making the Bottom Buster truly unique.

The sleeve is tightened onto the RAM Mount ball the same way an electronics unit is tightened to a mount.  Constructed of a sleek black anodized aluminum, the sleeve is durable and can be positioned at any angle the angler prefers.

An eight foot fiberglass pole is manually inserted down through the sleeve, and pushed into the bottom of the lake to anchor the boat firmly in place.  The 7/8” diameter pole is jointed, and can be broken down into two four foot pieces and stored in a rod locker when not in use.  The tip of the pole is machined out of stainless steel, making it impressively strong and rust/corrosion resistant.  The rubber gripped handle allows for easy handling of the pole.  The pole also doubles as a push pole for those skinny-water situations.


In addition to the many fishing scenarios where the Bottom Buster comes in handy, it also can be used to anchor your boat while you or your partner are grabbing the truck to load up, eliminating the need to tie off to the courtesy dock!  And the  Bottom Buster isn’t just for bass boats.  It’s a great for  kayaks, jon boats, and canoes as well.

For any angler who is looking to gain a competitive advantage without spending a fortune, the Bottom Buster is the perfect solution.  For more information about the Bottom Buster, or to place an order, please visit www.alienlabsusa.com, or stop by Ohio Bass Blog sponsor Fin Feather & Fur Outfitters and ask to speak with Steve or Tyler.


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  1. FYI – We’ve updated our website and reduced the price of the Bottom Buster. We’re selling the entire system for $249 (+shipping & tax).

    Check it out: http://www.alienlabsusa.com/product-category/boat-accessories/

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