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Heat Wave Ohio Bass

This last week was HOT!  As all fishermen know, blistering hot weather can shut the bass bite down as quickly as a major storm can speed it up.  Regardless of the heat,  I had a busy week of tournaments since I last posted.  On Thursday night I fished the TNT tournament with my friend Nick Daniels on O’Shaughnessy Reservoir.  The TNT is a weekly evening tournament that is run by Phil Carver with Team Bass Xtreme.  Nick and I figured out that the fish were on a good flipping bite early into the tournament.  We ended up flipping up the winning bag of fish that weighed 9.86 lbs.  We also had big bass for the tournament, which weighed in at 3.24 lbs.

On Saturday I fished a TBX circuit event on Dillon Reservoir with Marshall.  Dillon is a small, highly pressured fishery near Newark, Ohio.  Although I have had some success fishing Dillon in the past, putting together five quality fish there is always a challenge.  We were able to take advantage of an early topwater bite and put two solid fish in the livewell by 8:00 a.m.  By 10:30 a.m. we had a limit in the boat, with a couple of decent fish.  The key was to back-off the bank.  The bass had countered the 95 degree weather and heavy fishing pressure by moving off of the shoreline cover and perching on rock and wood that was located in 4 to 6 feet of water.  We watched boat after boat continue to hug the bank and flip shallow cover.  All the while their boats were sitting right on top of the fish.  By moving off the bank we were able to cull twice and improve our bag to 8.60 lbs.  That was good enough for a 4th place finish.  The winning weight was in the low 9 lb range. 

Then on Sunday I fished the G & O series event on O’Shaughnessy Reservoir with Marshall.  The quality shallow fish that I had found the previous Thursday had disappeared.  We struggled all day to catch fish, and ended up with a three-fish bag that weighed 5.25 lbs.  Unfortunately we lost two fish, including a 3 lber that would have put us in or near the first place spot.  Some days things don’t go as planned…this was one of those days!  The bite was definitely hurt by the mid 90 degree weather and lack of cloud cover and wind.   Conditions like that can be absolutely brutal for both the angler and the bass.  It ended up taking around 8 lbs to win the tournament.

On a final note I would like to congratulate a couple of Ohio bass anglers who fished the Bassmaster Open tournament on Douglas Lake in Tennessee this past weekend.  Fletcher Shryock and Steve Priest, both of Ohio, finished in 11th and 12th place respectively, proving that Ohio anglers can compete outside of state lines.  Good job guys, way to represent! 

4 Responses

  1. thanks for the mention bro!

  2. thanks for the mention bro!

  3. Simon sisezz73

    Nice to see you TELL IT LIKE IT IS. Great job on the finishes and another great report.

  4. Simon sisezz73

    Nice to see you TELL IT LIKE IT IS. Great job on the finishes and another great report.

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